MinEx Health & Safety Council Incorporated


MinEx is a national Health & Safety Council for the New Zealand minerals industry. Its main purpose is to assist the minerals industry to improve its health and safety performance, and provide centralised industry representation in matters relating to health and safety.

Other services provided by the Council include:

  • collation and analysis of industry incident and accident statistics
  • formation of an industry employer database
  • setting standards for industry approval, including Codes of Practice and Guidelines.


The Objectives of the Council are to improve and promote the Health & Safety Standards and the Health & Safety Performance of the Minerals Industry in New Zealand.

'Minerals Industry' or the 'Industry' means all companies involved in exploration for, and production of, any mineral including aggregate, rock, sand, gravel, metallic minerals, industrial minerals, non-metallic minerals and coal.

People Come First

Click here to see or down load a copy of People Come First, a MBIE publication building a strong health and safety culture in New Zealand mines, quarries and tunnels.  Hard copies are availabe from MBIE.