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Nominees sought for Women in Extractives awards

MinEx questions silicosis identification ability


Worker deaths, injuries ‘disturbing’


Extractives sector can learn from others

Extractives trial phone-based H&S training

Key dates – October

WorkSafe consulting staff over job cuts


Workplace safety attitude under fire

Key dates – September


AQA secures Inspiring Futures funding

Key dates – August

Silicosis: reminder to review dust management – MinEx

Your health & safety experts are your staff


Americans and Kiwis tolerate needless deaths


Key dates – April Workshops

Women's achievements in sector celebrated


Small sites don't need formal H&S reps – MinEx


Forestry, agriculture, construction deaths are nearly all avoidable

Event to mark sector diversity



Mining industry busy recruiting

WokSafe quarry workshops planned

Resources 2022: Minerals Sector Awards winners announced

Mining sector safety body says Kiwis still too tolerant of workplace injury - Interview with Wayne Scott & Jodi Goodall


Funds available for industry training


Sector award finalists named


Health and safety requirements about to change

Ex-Straterra CEO Chris Baker


Key dates - June


Guide to hydraulic hose safety after fatal incident

Nine years of risk, delay to extractive workers

OBITUARY: Kristy Christensen, woman in mining interrupted


Tribute to Kristy Christensen



Increased H&S obligations for operators

MinEx backs 90% - plus vaccination


Key dates - October Workshops 


MinEx explains hazardous substances standards


Christchurch needs well-managed quarries to grow - AQA 


Extractives sector plans ahead in face of lockdowns - AQA 


Draft WorkSafe guidance threatens small operators



NEW POLL: Xmas wish list

Frustrated MinEx appeals to fourth H&S Minister over latest delays


MinEx's Kristy Christensen makes global list of inspiring women

Unguarded machinery fines costs companies $220k, $400k

Minerals Sector Award Winners 2020


Tripartite group could resolve worker environment standards – MinEx

Minerals Forum cancellation prompts WCRC venue offer


On the trail of a ‘deadly’ mineral

OBITUARY: Peter Atkinson, connoisseur of gold, wine and cycling

Serious concern over WorkSafe's worker exposure standards - MinEx

MinEx issues alluvial gold mining Code of Practice (03 Sep)

Minerals Sector Awards finalists announced (01 Sep)


CoC exam whisperer – Keri Harrison (24 Aug)


Cautious approach appropriate says extractives sector - Radio NZ (17 July)

Lift-off for 2020 Minerals Sector Awards (6 July)


Oral exams suspended further (30 April)

Two NZP&M permit holders seek work changes (24 April)

West Coast welcomes economic reboot (21 April)

Plan now for post-lockdown-industry groups (16 April)

Sites should use the next week to plan for Safe re-opening (16 April)


Most quarries to close over lockdown (24 March)

Call on Govt for mining, quarrying to be essential services (23 March)

Bathurst ups ante on Covid-19 response (16 March)


Small quarries to thrive under new extractives regs (20 Feb) 



Industry mourns loss of quarry inspector (13 Dec)


Extractives sector in limbo awaiting Govt training changes (29 Nov)


AQA welcomes CPD changes - Inside Resources (18 Oct)

Judging panel named for 2020 NZ Minerals Sector Awards - Inside Resources (11 Oct)


Prescriptive H&S regulations mooted for extractives - Inside Resources (25 Sep)

'Crunch time' for NZ's quarries as aggregate price soar - Radio NZ (20 Sep)


Preview: Concrete NZ Conference 2019 - Inside Resources (5 July)

QuarryNZ: AQA talks funding future - Inside Resources (17 July)

QuarryNZ: IOQNZ sees buoyant growth, stronger CPD - Inside Resources (18 July)

QuarryNZ - No escape for quarries - WorkSafe - Inside Resources (19 July)


Over 100 Kiwi workers could have been exposed to 'new asbestos' specialists warn - 1 NEWS (19 June)

Concerns for Kiwi stonemasons after accelerated silicosis rise in Australian benchtop craftsmen - Stuff (19 June)


NZ MINERALS FORUM: Mine Managers, experts talk worker health and drugs - Inside Resources (29 May)

Robust debate tipped at Minerals Forum - Inside Resources (20 May)

Proposed changes to silica standards - Inside Resources (13 May)


Extractives apprenticeships and training under threat - MITO - Inside Resources (8 April)


NEW POLL: Improving public perception - Inside Resources (13 March)

WorkSafe prosecutes two quarries over failure to comply - Inside Resources (18 March)

MinEx applauds WorkSafe review of CPD - Inside Resources (28 March)


Ari Motus' resignation prompts sector reflection - Inside Resources (8 February)

Quarry visits for IOQ NZ Wellington branch meeting - Inside Resources (12 February)

Firms at risk over workers who smoke - MinEx - Inside Resources (21 February)

Industry needs to be on guard - Contractor Magazine (25 February)


Autonomous tech in AUS prompts USA talks - Inside Resources (14 January)

News from the break: TTR appeal confirmed, new MinEx workshops - Inside Resources (14 January)

Perspectives 2019: Let's not become a BANANA republic - Contractor Magazine (22 January 2019)

Health and Safety at Work Strategy misses mark - MinEx - Inside Resources (29 January)



MinEx to improve access to formal traininf - Inside Resources (9 November)

Executive Interview: Wayne Scott - chief executive officer of AQA and MinEx - Inside Resources (21 November)


Scott ups ante on Govy - Inside Resources (1 October)

Two hats for Scott with AQA CEO announcement - Quarry Australia (8 October)

New award for 2019 NZ Minerals Forum - Inside Resources (25 October)


MinEx supports quarry regs proportionate to size - Inside Resources (28 September)

Wayne Scott new CEO of AQA - Inside Resources (25 September)

Wayne Scott new AWA chief - Q&M Info Blast (25 September)

AQA new chief appointed - Q&M Magazine (25 September)

The case for a peak industry body - Inside Resources (21 September)

Macraes worker discharged from hospital after fall - Inside Resources (13 September)


Asbestos in serpentine confusion clarified - Inside Resources (28 August)

Paul Hunt wants you to talk more - Inside Resources (21 August)

Regs consultation period extended - Inside Resources (16 August)

Site-specific oral exam not specific enough - MinEx - Inside Resources (14 August)

Tougher standards for shotfirers - MinEx - Inside Resources (2 August)


Proposed NO2 standard unworkable for underground mines, tunnels - MinEx - Inside Resources (30 July)

Hunt demands more from extractives - Inside Resources (25 July)

IOQNZ could take over industry training - Inside Resources (20 July)

AQA confirms CEO role, peak extractives body discussed - Inside Resources (19 July)

Apprenticeship programme gains early interest - Inside Resources (11 July)

Mine egress regulations cause concern - Inside Resources (6 July)

Apprenticeships to attract new extractives workers - Inside Resources (3 July) 


Companies urged to fight 'unprecendented' quarry dust monitoring rules - Stuff (29 June)

MinEx factsheet on worker wellbeing - Inside Resources (29 June)

ECan explains crack-down on quarries - Inside Resources (27 June)

War declared over Canterbury quarries - Inside Resources (25 June)

Health officials say quarry dust a nuisance but not a health risk - Stuff (23 June)

ECan imposes dust monitoring on Canterbury quarries - Inside Resources (23 June)

Truck accidents on the rise - MinEx - Inside Resources (8 June)

Industry still not complaint - MinEx - Inside Resources (1 June)


Wait for dust results before requiring quarry buffers - AQA - Inside Resources (31 May)

WorkSafe settles on site-specific CoC - Inside Resources (28 May)

Peak extractives group proposal not dead - Inside Resources (25 May)

Alternative to health and safety prosecution - Inside Resources (25 May)

AQA proposes full-time chief exec role - Inside Resources (23 May)

Venues confirmed for MinEx workshops - Inside Resources (15 May)

OceanaGold to pay $728k for worker death - Inside Resources (9 May)

Back to basics at MinEx workshops - Inside Resources (8 May)

Looming gravel shortage may crush future projects - Quarry Australia (7 May)

WorkSafe advice on silica dust - Q&M Magazine (5 May)

NZ Minerals Forum 2018 Awards finalist: Ravensdown - Inside Resources (4 May)


Little dust in Yaldhurst monitoring - Inside Resources (30 April)

Gravel shortage could throw housing and roading projects into doubt - TV1 News (29 April)

Site specific CoC criteria due June - Inside Resources (13 April)

MinEx seeks introduction of CoC changes by midyear (13 April)

WorkSafe quarry visit discussion - Q & M (10 April)

MinEx wants alluvial gold code of practice included in regulations - Inside Resources (3 April)


Executive Interview - Wayne Scott - chief executive MinEx - Inside Resources (28 March)

Worker confidence key to quarry safety - Inside Resources (27 March 2018)

Silicosis concerns groundless. says extractive industry chiel - Quarry Australia (March 2018)

Lead role for past president in pushing safety compliance - Quarry Australia (March 2018)

Focus on 'near hits' to save lives - Minex - Inside Resources (15 March 2018)

Fall incidents dominate statistics - Australian Mine Safety (7 March)

Driver hurt in Northland quarry crash - Inside Resources (9 March)

Quarry health bosses play down fears of silicosis to Canterbury residents - Stuff (5 March)

WorkSafe asked to improve safety in Kiwi quarries - 1News (3 March 2018)

Change to CoC requirements could help Tai Poutini - Inside Resources (2 March 2018)


Respirable Crystalline Fact Sheet - MinEx (Feb 2018)

Rogue small quarries must shape up of be shut down - AQA News (Feb 2018)

Incident reporting to focus on near misses - MinEx - Inside Resources (20 Feb 2018)

MinEx Respirable Crystalline Survey Results

Quarry inspectors needed - Safeguard Update (23 Feb 2018)

WorkSafe forum to focus on extractives training - Inside Resources (19 Feb)

Mentors drive improved quarry exam result - Inside Resources (9 Feb)

Focus where it counts - Safeguard (Jan/Feb 2018)

Wayne Scott, Chief Executive MinEx - Safeguard (Jan/Feb 2018)


Yaldhurst dust monitoring shows safe level exceeded - Inside Resources (15 Jan)

Man in the Middle - Q&M Magazine (Jan 2018)

Call to close non-complying quarries on health and safety - Inside Resources (17 Jan 2018)

Newshub kills quarry dust lung cancer story - Inside Resources (19 Jan)

MinEx says no silicosis risk for residents - Inside Resources (26 Jan 2018)

Industry urges stronger CoC requirements - Inside Resources (29 Jan 2018)

The Battle Lines of Us vs Them - Australian Mine Safety (Summer 2018)

MinEx push for more manager training - Inside Resources (25 Jan 2018)



Mentoring builds confidence and results - AQA News (Dec 2017)

Quarry manager burnout a wake up call - IOQNZ - Inside Resources (5 Dec)

MinEx seeks specific quarry and alluvial regs - Inside Resources (11 Dec 2017)

Yaldhurst dust monitoring failure risk - MinEx - Inside Resources (15 Dec 2017)

Call to save lives from RCS exposure - MinEx - Inside Resources (20 Dec 2017)

Change and challenge ahead for quarry sector - Contractor (21 Dec 2018)


The industry in perspective - Q&M Magazine (2 Nov 2017)

New CoC standards a win for industry - MinEx (22 Nov)

Stop trainees dropping out of MITO-funded courses - MinEx - Inside Resources (20 Nov 2018)


New MinEx head eyes health and safety - Mining NZ (Spring 2017)

Alarming incidence of vehicle collisions - Australian Mine Safety (7 Sept)

MinEx encouraged by mentor response - Inside Resources (29 Sep 2017)


Beyond paper cuts - Safeguard update (14 Aug 2017)

MinEx proposes new qualifications framework - Inside Resources (22 Aug)

Wayne Scott: Bringing together 'us' and 'them' - Contractor (29 Aug 2017)


Rocks and hard places - Safeguard update (31 July 2017)

Rocks and hard places - Safeguard (July/Aug 2017)

MinEx seeks quarry CoC mentors - Inside Resouces (17 July)

Quarry NZ: MinEx flags fatalities, training as priorities - Inside Resources (21 July)