CoC CPD consultation has begun

Posted on 24 May 2019

WorkSafe’s release of new proposals for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the extractive sector is a welcome attempt to address industry issues around current inflexibility in the system.

As a signal of a genuine attempt to engage on the CPD proposals, Board of Examiners (BOE) chair Paul Hunt briefed last week’s MinEx Board meeting.

Over 1.5 hours he, BOE members and WorkSafe staff outlined a string of proposed changes following on from earlier industry consultation.

A key proposed change is that the minimum annual hours requirement will be removed. This recognises that people leave the industry to have children, get sick, train or move on and return. Instead, you will have five years to meet your CPD requirements.

There are also some ongoing conditions proposed:

  • You can do a third of your 5-year total hours in one year

  • You can take a two-year break from doing CPD

  • Once the five-year period is over you can’t carry any CPD hours earned into the next five years.

Paul Hunt told our MinEx Board that he accepts some people may take a ‘creative’ approach to informal hours but he expects our industry to be professional and set the bar to achieve.

WorkSafe will continue to look at 5% of CPD logbooks each year to verify the process.
There will be some changes to the categories for hours including:
  • Structured field trips will become formal hours – events such as those at the QuarryNZ conference can qualify for formal hours but a training outcome will be required - not just a visit to a site down the road
  • Podcasts on extractive issues will be regarded as informal learning
  • And claimable hours for industry events/seminars/workshops will better reflect the actual learning hours.

WorkSafe/BoE will run ten regional consultative workshops starting in Dunedin on May 30. The workshops are scheduled for: Christchurch (5 June); Invercargill (6 June); Auckland (10 June); Whangarei (11 June); Hamilton (18 June); Whanganui (19 June); Napier (20 June); Nelson (25 June); and Greymouth (26 June) and earn you CPD hours. You can register here.

The BOE are also seeking industry views on what, if any, transitional arrangements should be made to allow CoCs who may be short on hours under the existing system, to “catch up those hours.” Paul Hunt noted to the MinEx Board that there are a large number of CoC renewals  due to happen by 2021, so he’s keen to have feedback on transitional arrangements between the existing CPD regime and what will replace it.

MinEx Board chair Chris Baker commended WorkSafe and the BOE on a big improvement in the approach to CPD and its open approach to industry concerns.

I encourage all of you to attend one of the BOE Workshops and have your say. If you cannot attend, I will be making formal submission on behalf of MinEx to the proposals and you are welcome to send me your views - 

The consultation document is available here. Submissions close July 1.