Get your health and safety initiative out there

Posted on 8 March 2019

As Chief Executive of MinEx, I'm proud we are the sponsor of the annual Health and Safety Initiative Award, to be presented at this year's Minerals Forum, being held May 28/29 in Dunedin.
This award looks to recognise innovation in health and safety, that may end up being adopted in other workplaces. Potentially your initiative could save lives well beyond your own site. If so, that deserves to be proclaimed to everyone in the mining and quarrying sector.
We are looking for initiatives like campaigns or programmes that change health and safety culture through education or training, for new health and safety frameworks, or reforms of processes that drive improvements.
MinEx likes to see changes that gets buy-in from a wider team even if led by management.
The entry form is not too complex - and we would really encourage those of you who've done some good stuff in this space to contact us at MinEx and ask for an entry formEntries close 4 April 2019.
The award carries prestige and honour, but the real gain is knowing your innovation will be publicised by Inside Resources and other media, and may well spark other sites into following your lead.
If you are being innovative in health and safety, please share the gains with others.