The Codes of Practice and supporting Guidelines are designed to promote health and safety standards within the New Zealand mining and quarrying industry. While MinEx has tried to ensure the Code and Guidelines will comply with applicable legislation, it is entirely the user's responsibility to ensure that their practices comply with all legal requirements, and users of the Codes and / or Guidelines acknowledge that MinEx has no responsibility or liability whatsoever in relation to the contents of the Codes, or in respect of anything done or not done in reliance on the Codes and / or Guidelines. Further, while the Codes provide an outline of relevant legislation, the information presented is in summary form only and MinEx makes no warranty as to its accuracy and completeness.

MinEx Code of Practice

Extractives industry safe drill and blast code of practice


MinEx Templates

Alluvial Gold Mine Health and Safety Management Plan - doc

Alluvial Gold Mine Health and Safety Management Plan - pdf

Extractives industry safe drill and blast in surface operations TEMPLATES - doc


MinEx Info Sheets

Information sheets produced by MinEx to provide you with more detail on subjects of interest

MinEx Mentoring Scheme

Mining or Exploration Permit Application
In conjunction with Straterra we have prepared a simple guide to assist those required to apply for a mining or exploration permit. This will be required when your quarry is on crown land or contains crown owned minerals. Determining mineral ownership in any particular title or land holding is often not an easy task. It will, in many cases, be necessary to search back to the first alienation of the land from the Crown to establish whether or not the minerals continue to be held with the fee simple title, or had been reserved by the Crown, or had been excluded as a result of any subsequent transaction (such as a transfer or a Public Works Act acquisition). Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has a list of Accredited Crown Property Suppliers that can undertake title searches to determine mineral ownership.



MinEx Booklets

MinEx has committed to producing a series of booklets on particular hazards – designed to keep close at hand, for easy reference on site.

Download your copy here or email us, and we'll arrange to get a hard copy to you. 

Managing psychosocial hazards

Safe drill and blast in surface operations

Worker Engagement and participation

Traffic management in mines and quarries

Fall hazards in mines and quarries

Slope stability in opencast mines and quarries

Managing worker exposure to dust in mines and quarries

Mental health in the workplace

Fact Sheets

Advice on health and safety issues can be complex, full of jargon and technical talk .

That's why MinEx is putting together a series of fact sheets. Simple one pagers with easy to follow advice to help keep you and your workers safe.

Whole Body Vibration Fact Sheet

Worker Wellbeing (stress, bullying, harassment and violence) - Fact Sheet

Drugs and Alcohol Fact Sheet

Fatigue Fact Sheet

Hazardous Substances Fact Sheet