Historic Safety Alerts

2021 - December

NZ Alert - Fatigue is a real factor in accidents - 17 Dec

WorkSafe - Fatigue quick guide - 17 Dec

Contact tracing guidance for workplaces - 17 Dec

Dump truck runaway and overturn - 17 Dec

Worker crushed by falling load - 17 Dec

Fall from height while working on a powerscreen - 17 Dec

NZ Alert - Dust and wind hazards - 10 Dec

Excavator operator lacerates leg on blade - 10 Dec

Summary report regarding fatality of quarry worker - 10 Dec

Fires occur after servicing mobile plant - 10 Dec

Operator injured by arm rest on excavator - 10 Dec

Worker received electric shock and burns while resetting a circuit breaker - 10 Dec

NZ Alert - Move to Covid-19 Protection Framework - 3 Dec

Valve fell from height and struck a worker - 3 Dec

Unlicensed operator tipped over a vehicle loading crane - 3 Dec

Angle grinder kicked back and travelled across workers arm - 3 Dec

Partial de-gloving injury to left hand ring finger - 3 Dec

NSW Summary - Worker hit by fallen rib material - 3 Dec

2021 - November

NZ Alert - Strong wind damages shed -26 Nov

WorkSafe energy safety newsletter - 26 Nov

Gas monitoring systems incidents - 26 Nov

Fatal accident - Coal mine worker struck by rotating dragline -26 Nov

Fatal accident - Loss of control of personnel carrier - 26 Nov

NSW Summary Winch rope failure - 26 Nov

NZ Alert - Ten pathways to death and disaster - 19 Nov

NZ Alert - ADT mechanical failure - 19 Nov

Fatality Alert - Worker fatally struck by object - 19 Nov

Fatality Alert - Mechanic struck by bucket of excavator - 19 Nov

Company fined for convictions relating to a shotfiring incident - 19 Nov

Pressurised steering accumulators sent off-site - 19 Nov

NZ Alert - Ute backs into loader bucket -12 Nov

Truck rolls backwards - 12 Nov

Timber smashed through windscreen of dumper - 12 Nov

Coal mine worker crushed by moving plant - 12 Nov

Electric motor terminal cover - catastrophic failure - 12 Nov

Mobile scaffold quick release claw clamp failure - 12 Nov

NZ Alert - Worker falls from barge - 5 Nov

Worker dies after being struck by a mobile crane - 5 Nov

Safe use on quick hitches on excavators - 5 Nov

Fatality Alert - Haul truck bed collapsed on mechanic - 5 Nov

Company convicted and fined following death of mine worker - 5 Nov

NSW Summary - Worker's hand pulled into a conveyor belt roller - 5 Nov

2021 - October

NZ Alert - Rockfall damages crusher - 29 Oct

Company fined after workers exposed to extreme conditions - 29 Oct

Overburden drill fell onto light vehicle - 29 Oct

Ensure safe working on vehicle hydraulic systems - 29 Oct

Fatality Alert - Miner engulfed by material in surge bin - 29 Oct

NSW Summary - Uncontrolled movement of elevated work platform - 29 Oct

NZ Alert Broken link arm on loader - 22 Oct

Company director fined for health & safety failings - 22 Oct

Unsecured load impacts vehicle - 22 Oct

High potential incidents report - 22 Oct

Fire risk of battery units for underground battery electric vehicles - 22 Oct

NSW Summary Coal burst incident - 22 Oct

NZ Alert - Protect yourself and others from COVID-19 - 15 Oct

Fatality Alert - Contract welder found unresponsive - 15 Oct

All confined spaces pose hazards - 15 Oct

Workers ejected from underground platform - 15 Oct

Lubrication of circuit breakers - 15 Oct

NSW Summary - Worker sprayed with oil - 15 Oct 

NZ Alert Speeding and overloading kills - 8 Oct

Fatality Alert Experienced driver found lying in front of his truck - 8 Oct

Roof and rib accidents alert - 8 Oct

An excavated trench collapsed fatally injuring gold prospector - 8 Oct

Worker fatally crushed after being hit by moving vehicle - 8 Oct

Preventing inrushes at underground mines - 8 Oct

NZ Alert - Squashed finger cutting rock - 1 Oct

Limb entanglement in cement mixer - 1 Oct

Loose bracket on crane walkway fell to ground - 1 Oct

Stone mine pillar collapse - 1 Oct

Worker's legs pulled into a woodchipper - 1 Oct

NSW Summary - Excavator operator reversed off edge of pad - 1 Oct

2021 - September

NZ Alert  Anxiety levels are up - 24 September

Crush risk when operating stabilisers on truck mounted cranes - 24 September

Investigation release on conveyor chute incident - 24 September

Safe cleaning procedures for truck mounted mixing drums - 24 September

Fatality from fall of ground at an underground coal mine - 24 September

NSW Summary Light vehicle tipped on windrow - 24 September

NZ Alert - Worker injured using hammer and bolster - 17 September

Human factors – water carts and cabin interfaces - 17 September

Fatality at a collapsed underground coal mine in Queensland - 17 September

Worker killed while using an unguarded angle grinder - 17 September

Managing heat exposure in coal mines - 17 September

NSW Summary - Lift frame welds fail - 17 September

NZ Alert - Injury to hand while changing cutting edge - 3 September

Psychosocial health and safety and bullying in Australian workplaces - 3 September

Off-highway haul truck tyre blowout in workshop injures workers - 3 September

Crush injuries sustained during maintenance activities - 3 September

Fatality Alert - Truck driver hit while conducting examination of a truck - 3 September

NSW Summary - Worker found suspended in ventilation door - 3 September

NZ Alert - Covid just another hazard - 3 September

Fact Sheet - Critical controls for the risk of structural collapse - 3 September

Fact sheet - Stockpile stability management for surface coal operations - 3 September

Learnings from VCD hatch seal underground fatality incident - 3 September

Fatality Alert - A miner was run over walking to his normal work area - 3 September

NSW Summary - A mine worker fell while climbing a ladder to access the scaffold - 3 September

2021 - August

NZ Alert - We need to look after each other - 27 August

CHPP pump suction pipe dislodges resulting in a serious injury to worker - 27 August

Fatality Alert - A rock ledge gave way while a miner was standing on it - 27 August

Fatality Alert - Miner died during flash flood - 27 August

NSW Summary - An uncontrolled dump truck collided with a dozer - 27 August

NSW Summary - A worker fell into the feed chute of a conveyor - 27 August

NZ Alert - Oil leak causes potential fire - 13 August

Hydraulic fluid leak cause of fire damage - 13 August

Unplanned movement of autonomous trucks - 13 August

Fatality Alert - Boom extension fell on miner - 13 August

Fatality Alert - Rock fall struck miner in lift basket - 13 August

NSW Summary - Watercart collided with a haul truck - 13 August

NZ Alert - Infected puncture wound - 06 August

Video - Pressurised refueling system lessons learned - 06 August

Video - Pressurised refueling system overview - 06 August

Miners continue to die in rollover accidents - 06 August

Powered haulage accidents - 06 August

NSW Summary - Parked service cart hit by drill rig - 06 August

2021 - July

NZ Alert - Rock falls from quarry face - 30 July

Coal mine worker trapped by moving vehicle - 30 July

Dangers of placing body parts in line of fire - 30 July

Head stuck under tipper body - 30 July

Leg sucked into air excavation system - 30 July

NSW Summary - Light vehicle near fall over open edge - 30 July

NZ Alert - Near miss - Crane wedge and socket - 23 July

NZ Alert - Worker injured after ingesting fuel - 23 July

A stabiliser on a truck extended and struck another vehicle - 23 July

Failure to correctly isolate plant - 23 July

Suspension trauma cause for rescue of an at height drill person - 23 July

NSW Summary - Watercart collided with a truck - 23 July

NZ Alert - Competency or supervision required when operating cranes - 16 July

Two near misses involving the delivery of concrete - 16 July

Incident animation video - 2019 fatality at Snapper Mineral Sands Mine - 16 July

Potential hazard to road users created by rocks trapped between tipper’s tyres - 16 July

Rope sheave guard fell from top of drill rig’s mast - 16 July

Empty oil drum found burning wedged between conveyor return belt - 16 July

NZ Alert - Quarry fatality from rock fall - 9 July

Arm crushed between outrigger leg and safety cage - 9 July

Fatality caused by explosion of corroded fire extinguisher - 9 July

Importance of wearing correct eye PPE - 9 July

Fatality Alert - Miner engulfed by raw material - 9 July

NSW Summary - Vehicle rolled away during hot seat changeover - 9 July

NZ Alert - Failure to comply with inspectors runs risk of legal enforcement - 2 July

Investigation Release - Collision between an excavator and dozer - 2 July

Worker knocked off ladder - 2 July

Potential crush point on personnel transport vehicle - 2 July

Crawler utility vehicle runaway - 2 July

NSW Summary - Unmanned dump truck travelled 30metres in an arc - 2 July

2021 - June

WorkSafe Alert - Wellington region is at Alert Level 2 - 25 June

Roller emergency stop brake failure - 25 June

Excavator tipped onto its side whilst lowering and placing a load - 25 June

Tail drum adjuster frame fell and hit worker on the face - 25 June

Contact with saw blade cause of laceration to nose - 25 June

Inadequate restraint cause of radiator cowling and fitter to fall - 25 June

NZ Alert - Neurodegenerative diseases - 18 June

Fatality Alert - Worker Struck by light vehicle at quarry - 18 June

Excavator observations and common issues found from tests - 18 June

Vehicle incidents video - Heading in the wrong direction - 18 June

Sudden tyre failure ejects rock shrapnel through a dozer’s cabin - 18 June

NSW Summary - A piece of roof bratt fell on worker - 18 June

NZ Alert - Uncontrolled movement of loader - 11 June

Operator crushed between two light vehicles - 11 June

Fatality Alert -  A piece of rock fell and struck worker - 11 June

Fatality Alert - Runaway trailer struck contract labourer - 11 June

Building failures during severe weather events - 11 June

NSW Summary - An excavator collided with a dozer - 11 June

NZ Alert - Contact between excavator and DT - 4 June

Plant operator runs over his foot - 4 June

Dragline boom point sheaves fall to ground - 4 June

Fatality Alert - shuttle car struck by second shuttle car - 4 June

Prevention of rollovers IRTE Guidance May 2021 - 4 June

NSW Summary - Slumped edge cause of dump truck wheels to drop off the edge - 4 June

2021 - May 

NZ Alert - Broken link arm on loader - 28 May

WorkSafe Alert -Risky work requires effective and current risk management - 28 May

WorkSafe Video - Shaving Lives: Perfectly fitted masks save lives - 28 May

Hazards associated with the use of e-cigarette devices - May

Person at risk from flyrock at quarry - 28 May

NSW Summary - Dozer and Haul truck near miss - 28 May

NZ Alert - Trespassers on site - 21 May

Fatality Alert - Gate pole entered trucks windshield -21 May

Worker struck by material when entering plant operating zone - 21 May

Failure of a road tanker pressure valve - 21 May

Mixed chemicals used to clean portable toilet released toxic fumes -21 May

NSW Alert - Workers leg crushed between steel beams - 21 May

NZ Alert - Sprain from lifting crane boom - 14 May

NZ Alert - Tow balls should be checked as part of the prestart checklist - 14 May

NZ Alert - Working in unsafe conditions in a deep trench - 14 May

Worker sustains critical injuries after driving loader over stope edge - 14 May

Skip lorry driver trapped between skips - 14 May

NSW Summary - Fingers crushed while operating a roof bolting rig - 14 May

NZ Alert - Worker exposure to hazardous substances - 7 May

WorkSafe Alert - New classification system for hazardous substances - 7 May

Surface mining & quarrying programme for secondary school students - 7 May

Fatality Alert - Miner pinned between haul truck and personal vehicle - 7 May

Insulation tape used to bypass an operational function button on a piling rig - 7 May

NSW Summary - Surface drill-rig operators hit with ballast - 7 May


2021 - April

NZ Alert - Potential hydraulic injection of worker - 30 Apr

WorkSafe Alert - New Classification system for hazardous substances - 30 Apr

Over pressurised piping causes line failure - 30 Apr

Arm trapped following uncontrolled movement of an outrigger - 30 Apr

Fatality investigation reveals deficiencies in safety procedures - 30 Apr

NSW Summary - Frictional ignition of methane gas incident - 30 Apr

NZ Alert - Snatch block failure during lift - 23 Apr

Chain block failure during positioning of catenary wire - 23 Apr

Forklift stability when carrying loads - 23 Apr

Team inspector fatally trapped between metal plates - 23 Apr

Safety Systems on bitumen storage tanks - 23 Apr

NSW Summary - Loss of control caused truck overturn - 23 Apr

WorkSafe Alert - Excavator tip-overs - 16 Apr

WorkSafe Alert - Trucking induction video - 16 Apr

Finger cut with grinder while working on aggregate dredger - 16 Apr

Boom line caught injuring worker - 16 Apr

Dropped drill pipe incident - 16 Apr

NSW Summary - Haul truck laceration incident - 16 Apr

NZ Alert - Worker walks behind operating loader - 9 Apr

NZ Alert - Driver hit by transporter ramp - 9 Apr

NZ Alert - Raised bucket drops - 9 Apr

NZ Alert - Tipping trailer contacts overhead power - 9 Apr

Worker injured falling off equipment - 9 Apr

NSW Summary - Shuttle car collision - 9 Apr

2021 - March

NZ Alert - H&S Workshops Kerikeri, Dargaville & Te Kuiti - 26 Mar

NZ Alert - Edge protection must be inspected and maintained - 26 Mar

Fatality Alert - Excavator rolled into body of water - 26 Mar

A fall whilst descending a ladder resulted in a fractured leg - 26 Mar

Near miss when excavator fell from crane during lifting operation - 26 Mar

NSW Summary - Grader operator makes contact with haul truck performing a u-turn - 26 Mar

NZ Alert - Rockfall damages excavator - 19 Mar

Operator working at height on top of loader with no fall restraint - 19 Mar

Machinery overturning incidents - 19 Mar

Uncontrolled release of bitumen from gantry hose - 19 Mar

A boom lift slides during stabilisation phase - 19 Mar

NSW Summary - Excavator engulfed by fire -19 Mar

NZ Alert - Loader collides with light vehicle - 12 Mar

WorkSafe Alert - On the job? Your seatbelt should be too - 12 Mar

Fire on RC drill rig from compressed air system - 12 Mar

Falls from walkways and platforms - 12 Mar

NSW Summary - Unplanned movement of stacker hits light vehicle - 12 Mar

NZ Alert - Worker sprayed with battery acid - 5 Mar

NZ Alert - Worker struck by excavator - 5 Mar

Failure of a loadbearing part of lifting equipment - 5 Mar

Piling rig bolts fall within exclusion zone - 5 Mar

Building partially collapsed after excavation work - 5 Mar

NSW Summary - Evasive action taken to avoid collision - 5 Mar

2021 - February

NZ Alert - Register for our regional Health & Safety workshops - 26 Feb

NZ Alert - Ashburton Health & Safety workshop date set for 3 June - 26 Feb

NZ Alert - Care for customers should be a priority when managing health and safety - 26 Feb

Operator injures foot while replacing the cutting edge on loading shovel bucket - 26 Feb

Miner fatally injured at dump point - 26 Feb

NSW Summary - Worker hospitalised after attempt to connect a pipe to a manifold - 26 Feb

NZ Alert - Uncontrolled stored energy release - 19 Feb

Unattended haul truck rolls 65 metres - 19 Feb

Operator injured whilst undertaking maintenance on conveyor - 19 Feb

Rockfall injures jumbo operator - 19 Feb

Fatal incident occurred removing a down-the-hole hammer - 19 Feb

NSW Summary - Water truck lost control on ramp and rolled - 19 Feb

NZ Alert - Injury while breaking rock - 5 Feb

Two miners die while pumping sealing grout underground - 5 Feb

Bitumen manufacturing acid sprayed onto face and eyes of operator - 5 Feb

Dangers of unguarded machinery and plant - 5 Feb

Elevated work box falls from integrated tool carrier - 5 Feb

NSW Summary - Dump truck veered onto a windrow and rolled - 5 Feb

2020 - December

NZ Alert - Drive safely over your break - 18 Dec

WorkSafe - Seatbelt and helmet could have saved life - 18 Dec

Hazards in surface mining operations video - 18 Dec

Worker received crush injury to foot from hydraulic jack - 18 Dec

Managing the risks of working in heat - 18 Dec

NSW Summary - Cab lowered onto worker during maintenance - 18 Dec

NZ Alert - Excavator uncovers misfire - 11 Dec

WorkSafe - Certificates of Competence update - 11 Dec

Marine aggregate dredger lifting operation incident - 11 Dec

Worker suffers severe finger injury while using core-drill - 11 Dec

Marine aggregate dredger scaffold incident - 11 Dec

NSW Summary - Inexperience and speed cause of jack-knife - 11 Dec

NZ Alert - Too many NZ workplace fatalities - 4 Dec

WorkSafe seeking feedback on good practice guidelines for PCBUs - 4 Dec

Investigation release - Collision between dozer and haul truck - 4 Dec

Methane detectors bypassed - 4 Dec

QLD Mineral Mines & Quarries Inspectorate September 2020 - 4 Dec

NSW Summary - Worker found semi-conscious in underground mine - 4 Dec

2020 - November

NZ Alert - Worker falls exiting dump truck - 27 Nov

Mobile elevating platforms tip over - 27 Nov

Oxy-Acetylene set caught under counterweight of crane - 27 Nov

Worker fractured ankle after missing ladder rung - 27 Nov

Fatality - Tipper truck rolled over mechanic - 27 Nov

NSW Summary - Brakes failed causing light vehicle to crash - 27 Nov

NZ Alert - Winner of Health & Safety Initiative award announced - 20 November

NZ Alert - Asbestos must be removed by a licensed removalist - 20 November

NZ Alert - Quit removing machine guarding, says WorkSafe - 20 November

Simple ways to reduce the risk of pedestrian contact - 20 November

Injury sustained using scaling bar in attempt to free up a jammed drill rig - 20 November

NSW Summary - Operating procedures need to be followed throughout the task - 20 November

NZ Alert - Another ADT rollover incident - 13 November

Collision incident at a surface mine - 13 November

Explosives incident at underground mine - 13 November

Worker violently hit by hull plate during removal work - 13 November

Excavator access ladder causes foot injury - 13 November

NSW Summary - Tyre blow-out knocked operator to the ground - 13 November

NZ Alert - Worker falls while exiting loader -6 November

Two companies charged for health and safety failings - 6 November

Fitter burned by bitumen during planned maintenance - 6 November

Dual lift operations using forklifts not recommended - 6 November

Miner died after being struck by a battery powered scoop - 6 November

NSW Summary - Dozer backed into bucket of excavator - 6 November

2020 - October

NZ Alert - Fire destroys loader - 30 October

WorkSafe Video - YOU can sense it YOU can stop it - 30 October

Excavation in trench severed power cable - 30 October

Cement grout entered workers gloves and caused burns to hands - 30 October

Investigation Video - Serious injuries sustained at gold mine - 30 October

NSW Summary - Timber wedge struck worker on the head - 30 October

NZ Alert - Cutting edge falls injuring worker - 23 October

Confined space - Safety alert - 23 October

Exiting plant - Fall from height learning - 23 October

Truck driver fatally crushed by excavator bucket - 23 October

Video - Loading and unloading mobile plant - 23 October

NSW Summary - Worker injures wrist jumping from plant - 23 October

NZ Alert - Potential fall from height - 16 October

NZ Alert - Always use the right machinery for the job - 16 October

Fall of ground - Dislodged rock strikes two workers - 16 October

Fatality Alert - Truck moved while driver adjusted axle brakes - 16 October

Fatality Alert - Preparing mobile jaw crusher for shipping off site - 16 October

NSW Summary - Haul truck and light vehicle near miss - 16 October

NZ Alert - Bar hits worker in face - 9 October

NZ Alert - Machine guarding separates people from machinery - 9 October

Laceration to palm after using wrong attachment on rattle gun - 9 October

Bruised hand from release of stored energy while trying to free davit - 9 October

FRAS rated equipment not compliant with testing requirements - 9 October

NSW Summary - Drill rig contacted energised power lines - 9 October

NZ Alert - Crushed finger injury - 2 October  

NZ Alert - Cranes rear outrigger sank, tipping crane - 2 October

Inherent instability of some concrete placing boom trucks - 2 October

Uncontrolled truck movement due to brake fade - 2 October

Investigation Release - Fatality not work-related - 2 October

NSW Summary - Electrical tradesman's head caught between a lift cylinder and truck - 2 October

2020 - September

NZ Alert - Don’t let your standards for operating machinery slip - 25 September

Assessing risks associated with concrete pump lines - 25 September

Shattered rail saw fragment flew 23m into drivers windscreen - 25 September

Laceration injury to forearm from angle grinder - 25 September

NSW Summary - Material build up in gear box output shaft - 25 September

NZ Alert - Near Miss: Failure to lockout - 18 September

NZ Alert - Don't be scared of WorkSafe - 18 September

Vest caught on lever when operating excavator - 18 September

Worker sustained injury when trying to relieve the hydraulic lock - 18 September

Significant Incident Report - Manned loader fell into open stope - 18 September

NSW Summary - Integrated tool carrier basket incident - 18 September

NZ Alert - Mine fined for rock fall injury - 11 September

NZ Alert - Ensure machines are guarded to the highest standard - 11 September

Failure to identify corroded ladder rung before using ladder - 11 September

Structural Failure: Security of suspended objects - 11 September

Working in proximity to conveyor belts - 11 September

NSW Summary - Track rode up onto rock pile & overturned excavator - 11 September

NZ Alert - Worker falls off dozer track - 4 September

Alluvial Gold H&S Management Plan Template - 4 September

Injuries received from rib spall while working on continuous miner - 4 September

Adequacy of windrows (bunds) for vehicle impact - 4 September

Structural Failure: Overburden drill mast - 4 September

NSW Summary - Make sure to secure plant that has potential to move - 4 September

2020 - August

NZ Alert - Dump truck reversed into loader - 28 August

Video - Dangerous blasting incident - 28 August

Release of energy from hydraulic loading crane struck dogman in cheek - 28 August

Working at Height Risk - Ladder slipped causing rigger to fall - 28 August 

Fatality - Aerial lift basket shot upwards with miner in it - 28 August

NSW Summary - Worker hit on back of head by falling access ladder - 28 August

NZ Alert - Uncontrolled movement of truck - 21 August

Installation and maintenance of temporary generators - 21 August

Managing gas on open cut coal mines - 21 August

Steel plate fell through open mesh with operator below - 21 August

Investigation Release - Worker contracts pneumoconiosis - 21 August

NSW Summary - Haul truck rolled over the side of a haul road - 21 August

NZ Alert - COVID-19 resources on MinEx website - 14 August

NZ Alert - Failure to Lock Out plant - 14 August

Near Miss - Ruptured pressure vessel at demolition site - 14 August

Hand Sanitiser stored in inappropriate containers - 14 August

Australian company fined for workers death - 14 August

NSW Summary - Tub overturned after reversing onto tip pile - 14 August

NZ Alert - We need to look out for each other - 7 August

NZ Alert - Truck collided with traffic sign and stopped in live lane - 7 August

Significant ARC flash injury - 7 August

Lone working - Plant maintenance - 7 August

EFFER vehicle loading crane incident - 7 August

NSW Summary - Vehicle towing trailer lost power on steep slope - 7 August

2020 - July 

NZ Alert - Drill rods fall from underground strata - 31 July

WorkSafe - Risk posed by powerlines must be considered - 31 July

Miner died while inspecting an oversized stockpile - 31 July

Video - Truck rollover prevention - 31 July

Worker entangled in conveyor tail drum - 31 July

NSW Summary - Locking pin obstruction caused crushed finger - 31 July

NZ Alert - Severe weather events - 24 July

WorkSafe - New resource: Induction video - 24 July

Work vehicle pushed by flood water off causeway - 24 July

Risks associated with workers being crushed by plant - 24 July

A bracket breaks and flies 5m into public space - 24 July

NSW Summary - A worker suffered fluid injection injury to finger - 24 July

NZ Alert - Uncontrolled movement of excavator boom - 17 July

WorkSafe - Updated hazardous substances guide - 17 July

A worker performing pre-start checks slipped and fell from a digger - 17 July

Chain recoil causes fatal injuries to excavator operator - 17 July

NSW Investigation - Worker injured while repairing jaw crusher - 17 July

NSW Summary - Miner knocked unconscious by falling roof material - 17 July

NZ Alert - Bucket falls from excavator - 10 July

Contractor severs fingers on conveyor belt - 10 July

Dangers of applying heat to sealed hydraulic cylinders - 10 July

Worker crushed when excavator boom moved unexpectedly - 10 July

Worker struck by excavator that entered exclusion zone - 10 July

NSW Summary - A towed sub-station rolled 50 metres - 10 July

NZ Alert - Falls result in serious knee injuries - 3 July

Failure to deploy a deck restraint device on trailer unit - 3 July 

Recent increase in fall of person accidents - 3 July 

25t Terex articulated mobile crane rollover - 3 July 

Worker’s arm injured in belt press filter - 3 July 

NSW Summary - Trucks brakes fail causing driver to turn into wall - 3 July

2020 - June

NZ Alert - Trucks slide in wet conditions - 26 June

Finger dislocation on induction tour of aggregate dredger - 26 June

Fall from height fatality - Contract driver fell from top of trailer - 26 June

Queensland Coal Mines Inspectorate - Incident Periodical May 2020 - 26 June

Video Learnings - Tyre handler fatality, Bengalla coal mine - 26 June

NSW Summary - A light vehicle collided with a bund - 26 June

NZ Alert - Damaged electrical cable - 19 June

Metal shard projectile from excavator track sprocket - 19 June

Effective use of respiratory protective equipment fact sheet - 19 June

Internal inspections of exhaust conditioner inlets show reduced integrity from corrosion - 19 June

Increased reports of coal Mine workers being struck by polyethylene pipe - 19 June

NSW Summary - Blast cap blows off while a crew member was undoing clamps - 19 June

NZ Alert - Fall of ground damages excavator - 12 June

WorkSafe - Reminder that children are always at risk on worksites - 12 June

Hand sanitiser ignition injures haulier and caused vehicle fire - 12 June

QSA pods fall off dolly car flat top and slide down drift - no one was harmed - 12 June

Investigation Information Release - Partial collapse of ventilation shaft - 12 June

NSW Summary - A falling hopper wing on a mobile impact crusher injures apprentice -12 June

NZ Alert - Worker cracks tooth - 5 June

Excavator topples into trench while being backfilled - 5 June

Repeat health and safety offender fined - 5 June

Paste Plant operator climbed onto a structure without fall protection - 5 June

Fuse failure on Bitumen weigh system causes spillage - 5 June

NSW Summary - Highwall failure at open cut mine - 5 June


2020 - May

NZ Alert - Fatal loss of control of vehicle - 29 May

Register NOW to our last two MinEx webinars of the series - 29 May

Miner dies while clearing a sand and gravel bin - 29 May

Fall from height - Truck driver's hand slips from the access ladder rail - 29 May

NSW Bulletin - Five electric shock incidents notified in April  - 29 May

NSW Summary - Sediment pit gives way while being dug out - 29 May

NZ Alert - Failure to isolate hydraulics - 22 May

NZ Alert WorkSafe - Ensure your PPE is to standard - 22 May

Excavator rolled onto its side after front right track dropped into hole - 22 May 

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser precautions - 22 May

Worker injured while conducting hydrovac operations - 22 May

NSW Summary - Haul truck rollover incidents - 22 May

NZ Alert - Fall from height hazard - 15 May

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Avoid close contact -15 May

Extra demand leads to fake respiratory protective equipment - 15 May

Worker sucked into auxiliary fan ventilation tube - 15 May

Fibreglass ladder failure, frequent inspection required - 15 May 

NSW Summary Boilermaker suffers electric shock - 15 May 

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Toolbox video - 8 May

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Keep up the good work - 8 May

COVID-19 posters for the workplace - 8 May

Miner struck by rockfall, while preparing secondary firing - 8 May

Truck collision - Failure to give way at T-intersection - 8 May

Serious underground incident - Gas ignition event - 8 May

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Hand sanitising - 1 May

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Some myths - 1 May

Electrician touches electrical circuit, suffers serious burns - 1 May

Incorrect slinging of pipe causes accident during drainage works - 1 May

Fire suppression system fails to activate - 1 May

NSW Summary - Dozer slides off a walk back near excavator - 1 May

2020 - April

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Learnings - 22 April

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Health questionnaire - 22 April 

Serious crush injury highlights lack of risk assessment of plant - 22 April

High potential incident - Mobile Plant - access entrapment - 22 April

Best practices for working on or near surge piles - 22 April

NSW Summary - Dump truck reversing to a tip head breaches windrow - 22 April

NZ Alert - COVID-19 is just another hazard - 17 April

NZ Alert - WorkSafe approach to Level 4 lockdown - 17 April

Welding-related electric shocks increase - 17 April

Worker electrocuted and falls from height - 17 April

Rope access contractor injured in fall from height - 17 April

NSW Summary - Small coal burst occurred on a longwall face - 17 April

NZ Alert - COVID-19 Management Plans

NZ Alert - Notify WorkSafe about your blasting

MinEx Webinar - Innovation - 1 hour CPD - closing soon

Worker trapped in horizontal screw auger conveyor

Ongoing Investigation - Paste wall failure

NSW Summary - Nose to tail contact between haulage trucks

NZ Alert - We need to look after each other - 3 April

NZ Alert - Sledgehammer injures worker - 3 April

FREE AUSIMM webinar - Resource sector update from an OHS perspective - 3 April

A14 Excavator injury - Arm hits operative in the face - 3 April

Queensland Report - High potential incidents: Lessons learnt - 3 April

NSW Summary - Bolting rig dislodges and hits workers wrist - 3 April

2020 - March

NZ Alert - Another ADT rollover 

NZ Alert - Surveyor nearly hit by dozer

Track press cylinder failure at coal mine

Health & Safety Snapshot - Mine maintenance

Best Practice: Preventing failures of welded connections

NSW Summary - COVID-19 related worker complaints

NZ Alert - Loader bucket hits truck - 20 March

NZ Alert - Company fined after truck rolls onto worker - 20 March

Fall from height while accessing mobile plant - 20 March

Truck tailgate hits worker's head - 20 March

Brakepad dislodged from calliper during winder testing - 20 March

NSW Summary - Two haul trucks collide at open cut coal mine - 20 March

NZ Alert - Quarry fatality - 13 March 

NZ Alert - Company fined after worker loses three fingers - 13 March

NZ Alert - Worker falls in to post trench when exiting truck - 13 March

Tyre puncture results in uncontrolled movement of ADT load bin - 13 March

Continuous miner buried by roof fall in coal mine - 13 March

NSW Summary - Preventing fires on mobile plant - 13 March

NZ Alert - Injury stepping off loader - 6 March

Truck tailgate hits worker's head - 6 March

Overhead power line struck by an excavator - 6 March

Coal mine worker struck by Load Haul Dump - 6 March

Investigations - Retractable hydraulic access ladders - 6 March

Investigation release - Worker seriously injured from fall - 6 March

2020 - February

NZ Alert - Plant operated without guard - 28 Feb

NZ Alert - Workplace preparedness for coronavirus - 28 Feb

Coal mine examiner found unresponsive - 28 Feb

Near miss lifting / slinging accident - 28 Feb

Quarry hot works fire - 28 Feb

NSW Summary - managing bodies of water on site - 28 Feb

NZ Alert - Fire destroys excavator - 21 Feb

Company ordered to pay fine after fatal excavator incident - 21 Feb

Parked truck rolls backwards and collides into truck - 21 Feb

Contract tyre fitter fatally injured at open cut coal mine - 21 Feb

Investigation release - A light vehicle drives over open edge - 21 Feb

NSW Summary - Tipper truck's axle trailer tips - 21 Feb

NZ Alert - Don't work if you are not well - 14 Feb

Chain blocks prevent inboard 'slip flange' dredge pipe from falling - 14 Feb

Mine fatality - A Miner fell into a portable load out bin - 14 Feb

Apprentice auto electrician fatality - 14 Feb

Recommendation to inspect the secondary exit release mechanism - 14 Feb

NSW Summary - Throat injury caused by inhaling hydrated lime - 14 Feb

NZ Alert - Water Cart hits service vehicle  - 7 Feb

Worker's fall protection equipment entangles with elevator horns - 7 Feb

Thumb amputated while deploying Geobor barrel into the casing - 7 Feb

'The Fatal 6' Working at height  - high potential near hit - 7 Feb

Queensland Mines Inspectorate report January 2020 - 7 Feb

NSW Summary - Failure of highwalls, low walls and dumps - 7 Feb

2020 - January

NZ Alert - Excavator rolls on its side - 31 Jan

NZ Alert - Injury from flying object - 31 Jan

Isolation failure - Successful use of 'Try Out' - 31 Jan

Two incidents of crane rope sheave failures - 31 Jan

Worker receives burns to hand while removing cap - 31 Jan

NSW Summary -  Excavator hits a dozer lift ram - 31 Jan

NZ Alert - We have always done it this way - 24 Jan

NZ Alert - Breach of lateral safety zones - 24 Jan

NZ Alert - Traffic sign knocks worker unconscious - 24 Jan

Telehandler fatality caused by riding outside of cabin - 24 Jan

Coal miner faces court over mine intersection crash - 24 Jan

NSW Summary - Truck tips while descending ramp - 24 Jan

NZ Alert - Crush injury while welding - 17 Jan

UHF radio transmitter causes MEWP to move - 17 Jan

Excavator hits operator causing injuries - 17 Jan

Electrical shock incident while tidying cables - 17 Jan

NSW Summary - Rock fall traps underground miner - 17 Jan

NSW Summary - Rock fall hits excavator - 17 Jan

2019 - December

NZ Alert - Truck rollover during tipping - 20 Dec

NZ Alert - Drive safely over your break - 13 Dec

NZ Alert - Excavator uncovers misfire - 6 Dec

Fatality Alert - Service truck flipped onto side - 6 Dec

NSW Resources - Respirable dust in quarry operations - 6 Dec

Fire on explosive charge vehicle at charged face - 6 Dec

2019 - November

NZ Alert - Dangerous access to crusher - 29 Nov

Conveyor LTI - Laceration to arm - 29 Nov

Common construction noise hazards - 29 Nov

Fatality alert Spotter steps in front of bulldozer - 29 Nov

Learning video Workers evacuated after gas levels rise - 29 Nov

NSW Summary -Falling scissor clamp misses eye socket - 29 Nov

NZ Alert - Worker fall from conveyor frame - 22 Nov

NZ Alert - Product recall - Particulate Respirator - 22 Nov 

Worker fractures finger removing rods from borehole - 22 Nov

Dislodged unsecured bucket strikes worker - 22 Nov

Rapid face bolters incidents - 22 Nov

NSW Summary - Light vehicle overturns - 22 Nov

NZ Alert - Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica -15 Nov

Fatal Incident - Falling trailer ramp fatality - 15 Nov

Falling skid steer tynes narrowly misses worker - 15 Nov

Burst water main collapses excavation trapping worker - 15 Nov

Haul truck meets light vehicle overtaking loader - 15 Nov

Dangerous incident excavator slides off bench - 15 Nov

NZ Alert - Wheel bearing failure causes fire - 8 Nov

WorkSafe Video - RCS dust & accelerated silicosis - 8 Nov

Unqualified operators cause truck overturn - 8 Nov

Twin drum roller overturns compacting backfill - 8 Nov

Video - ejection of axle pin under force - 8 Nov

Platform failure- worker suffers injuries - 8 Nov

NZ Alert - Fall of Axle Assembly - 1 Nov

Operator's Hair Ripped Out by Borer - 1 Nov

Worker Killed Tyre Exploded while Inflating - 1 Nov

Fatal Accident Trailer Tarpaulin Cover Failure - 1 Nov

QMI Incident Report October 2019 - 1 Nov

NSW - Workers Caught in Release of Water Overflow - 1 Nov

2019 - October

NZ Alert - Injury from Brush using Grinder - 25 Oct

Stanley Knife Cuts through Glove Lacerating Finger - 25 Oct

Worker in Direct Line of Fire in Battery Explosion - 25 Oct

Operator Cabin of a 250 Excavator Dislodges and Falls - 25 Oct

Serious Burns Suffered Refueling Mobile Plant - 25 Oct

Workers Fingers Crushed while Installing a Monorail- 25 Oct

NZ Alert - Damage to Diesel Fuel Nozzle - 18 Oct

Dump Truck Tips Climbing Tunnel Wall - 18 Oct

USA - 3 People Killed from Electrical Incidents since Aug - 18 Oct

Position Paper - Preventing Fires on Mobile Plant - 18 Oct

Fully Loaded Concrete Agitator Truck Overturn - 18 Oct

NSW Weekly Incident Summary - 18 Oct

NZ Alert - Worker Injured using grinder - 11 Oct

NZ Alert - What NZ'ers don't know about cancer - 11 Oct

Video - Autonomous dozer collision - 11 Oct

Dozer Incidents increase despite warnings - 11 Oct

TAP Report - Diesel Exhaust Emissions - 11 Oct

NSW Weekly Incident Summary - 11 Oct

NZ Alert - Truck tyre blowout - 04 Oct

Fall through ventilation shaft - 04 Oct

Engineer crushed by reversing excavator - 04 Oct

Falling bucket strikes worker - 04 Oct

Grease itself is a dropped object - 04 Oct

NSW weekly incident summary 20 September - 04 Oct

2019 - September

NSW weekly incident summary 13 September - 27 Sep

NSW weekly incident summary - Excavator fire - 27 Sep

Workplace findings top 3 injuries and diseases - 27 Sep

Micro Sleep vehicle accident - 27 Sep

Water Cart Engine Fire - 27 Sep

NZ Alert - Fire risk on excavator - 27 Sep

NSW weekly incident summary 06 September - 20 Sep

Mixing spindle accident results in broken arm - 20 Sep

Fatal Accident - Worker hit by toppled scaffold - 20 Sep

Fatal Accident - Haul truck over open pit wall - 20 Sep

Truck Driver Fall - Cracked ribs punctured lungs - 20 Sep

NZ Alert - Safety chain saves trailer - 20 Sep

NSW weekly incident summary 30 August 2019 - 13 Sep

Worker killed when trapped by retractable ladder 13 Sep

Worker Struck by reversing excavator - 13 Sep

Preparing for a storm checklist - 13 Sep

NZ Alert - Bullying is not OK - 13 Sep

NZ Alert - Crowbar severs electrical cable - 13 Sep

NZ Alert - Failure of seatbelt bracket

NZ Alert - Cable strike at Mt Roskill Substation

Flight bar hits worker while installing conveyor chain 

Insecure load - tandem roller comes off low loader

Management of heat in underground coal mines

NSW Weekly Incident Summary - 23 August 2019

2019 - August

NZ Alert - Reports of misfires in NZ increase

NZ Alert -  Workers hand trapped between rollers

NZ Alert - Accelerated silicosis

NZ Alert - Bench failure

NZ Alert - Ignored warnings leads to amputation

NZ Alert -  Fine for perverting the course of justice

NZ Alert -  Faulty machinery leads to workers death

NZ Product Recall - Powercon Jump Starters

NZ Alert - Nut failure on truck drawbar

NZ Alert - Liebherr loader seatbelt attachment failure

NZ Alert -  New Be a Safe Guy videos released

NZ Alert - Truck rollover while spreading material

NZ Alert - Silica dust in the workplace

Fatality - Isolation failure causes electrocution

Fatality - Worker trapped by retractable ladder

Miner killed by methane ignitions

Worker receives flash burns repairing fuel tanker

Operator using stone cropper breaks finger

Receiving hopper collapses under tipped sand

Part failure causes heavy machinery fall

Lack of bunding on accessible edges

Welder suffers third degree burn

Worker killed by falling hydraulic breaker

Fatality Report: Worker crushed by airlock doors

Workers foot trapped in scraper conveyor

Continuous miner slides into workers

Configuration of work baskets

Brake coupling disintegrates

Safety critical system failures on road registered vehicles

Fire Safety Alert - Recent fires in mining equipment

Product Recall - Twin-leg self retracting lifelines

Workers put at risk with isolation breach

Objects enter cabins of underground equipment

Flight bar ejects hitting worker

Worker injured by pin injected under pressure

Serious injury involving mobile screening plant

Operator sustains cement/lime burns cleaning mixer

Stop. Think. Be safe at work

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 26 July 2019


2019 - July

NZ Alert - Faulty pressure gauge

NZ Product Recall - VGP Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve

NZ Alert - Split fuel hose covers worker

NZ Alert - High profile enforceable undertaking

NZ Alert - Flyrock endangers workers

Fatality - Contractor falls under wheels

Investigation Report - Worker dies from fall

Worker injured by exploding tyre rim

Object dropped from height causes shoulder injury

Exposure to potential electrical shock

Foot injury after standing on rotating winch drum

Release: Semi-auto dozer & manned excavator collide

Worker suffers arc flash injury

Investigation Report - Dump truck collision

Video Report - Dump truck collision

Worker outside safety of basket

Scaffolder with no fall arrest protection

Fatality incident - excavator engulfed after pit wall failure

Fatality while recovering bogged vehicle

Death of a visitor at a NSW coal mine

Video Report - Workers evacuated as gas levels rise

Investigation Report - Workers evacuated as gas levels rise

Hand injured during wire tensioning

Haul truck rollover on edge of stockpile

NSW Weekly Incident Summary - 5 July 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary - 12 July 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary - 19 July 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 26 July 2019


2019 - June

NZ Alert - Recall of Macbook Pro laptops

NZ Alert - Gas shut off valves recalled

NZ Alert - Stockpile tip hazards

NZ Alert - Worker dies after injuries sustained in fall

NZ Alert - Flyrock damages utility

NZ Alert - Two workers seriously injured

NZ Alert - WorkSafe highlights recent truck collisions

NZ Alert - Lacerated wrist requiring stitches

NZ Alert - Lack of guarding results in amputation

NZ Alert - Beware of sunstrike

NZ Alert - Accelerated silicosis

NZ Alert - Worker sustains electric shock 

Collision between semi-auto dozer & manned excavator

Worker killed falling under wheels of truck

Fatality Report - worker pinned against concrete

Failure of suspension airbag

Man dies after wall collapse at QSLD coal mine

Worker fatality during snubbing activity

Front end loader backs over highwall

Safety Flash: Electrical Safety Alerts

E-cigarettes in vehicle fire

Safe access to high voltage powerline corridors

Worker fatally trapped in conveyor

Two miners die in sand collapse

Fall from height after failure of retractable type lanyard

Operators hi viz becomes entangled in machinery

Fingertip pinched between jack handle and bow shackle

NSW Quarterly Safety Report Jan - Mar 2019

China coal mine accident kills 9, injures 10

Gas masks used for dust protection

Conveyor guard falls and hits contractor

Worker injured releasing jammed conveyor chain

Safety when working in confined spaces

Worker killed by falling excavator bucket

Falls from fixed ladders with cages

Detipped thumb in pinch point

Hazardous area - Conformity of equipment

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 7 June 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 14 June 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 21 June 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 28 June 2019 


2019 - May

NZ Alert - Loader over-balance incident

NZ Alert - Dump truck fatality

NZ Alert - Company sentenced over vehicle fatality

NZ Alert - Water cart roll over

NZ Alert - Fly rock incident

NZ Alert -  NZTA urges checks of truck park brakes

NZ Alert - Faulty installation causes fire with extensive damage

NZ Alert - Scaffolding collapses holding seven workers

Worker crushed by electrical switchboard

Near hit of reversing truck

High Pressure Fluid Injection Risk Alert

Mechanic dies from high pressure fluid injection in eye

Dust safety in the metals & extractives industries

Electrician receives 1000V shock and burns

Worker injured releasing jammed conveyor chain

VIDEO: PPE for airborne  contaminants 

Worker fatally injured after fall from steel stillage

Fatality Report - Worker killed when struck by shuttle car

Miner suffers serious burns from superheated gases

Excavator operator breaks leg

Faulty isolator switch discovered

Gear box fails causing roller door to drop

Wheels detaching from graders

Newsflash! Failure of electrical protection circuit

Uncontrolled release of LPG at mine camp

Drivers falling while entering or exiting their cabs

Possible defect in 3M Fall Protection Harness

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 2 May 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 10 May 2019 

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 17 May 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 24 May 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 31 May 2019


2019 - April

NZ Alert - Yet another ADT rollover

NZ Alert - Rock fall injures worker

NZ Alert - Reading instruction manuals help avoid injury

NZ Alert - Worker fatally injured by fall steel beam

NZ Alert - Distraction causes vehicle collision 

NZ Alert - Welding slag injury

NZ Alert - Two die from exposure to organic solvents

NZ Alert - Worker injured by boiling liquid 

Safety Alert - Truck catches fire underground

Near Miss - Worker almost struck by reversing sprayer

Critical Incident - moxy rollover causes injury

Safety & Health Snapshot - Electric shocks

Crane topples over while unoccupied 

Using non-slewing mobile cranes

Crane Incidents - safety alerts & advice

Safety guard falls during maintenance

Australian mine prosecuted over work-place death

US Fatality Report - Haul truck runs over pickup truck

US Fatality - Worker crushed removing a push beam

US Fatality Report - Miner buried by cemented rock fill

US Fatality Report - Miner run over underground

US Fatality Report - Highwall crushes operator cab

US Fatality Report - Hydraulic pressure sensor impacts head

Welded flange failure on SMBS pump

Rise in vehicle collisions cause for concern

Casual investigation into elevated gas levels at coal mine 

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 5 April 2019  

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 12 April 2019 

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 19 April 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 26 April 2019


2019 - March

NZ Alert - Severe weather events

NZ Alert - Loss of control of dump truck

NZ Alert - Potential for unattended trucks to roll away

NZ Alert - Rock falls from excavator bucket

NZ Alert - Fatigue Fact Sheet released by MinEx

NZ Product Recall - PurpleAir air quality sensor power supply

NZ Alert - Mental Health in the workplace booklet

NZ Alert - Severed thumb due to poor guarding

NZ Alert - Gas leak could have been deadly

NZ Alert - Insights: Nicole Rosie talks to Adrian Orr

NZ Alert - Damaged power cable

NZ Alert - Failure to fix problems results in severe injuries

NZ Alert - Managing Worker Exposure to Dust in Mines and Quarries

Workers injured by high pressure fluid

Workers withdrawn from underground 

Welding related incident electric shock incidents

Hybrid excavator trialed for site establishment

Fatality - Worker struck by relief valve while jacking shovel

Worker disabled after leg trapped by airlock door

Worker enters hopper without PTW or isolation

Structural failure of fixed conveyor stacker

Using excavators as rock breakers

Overload protection in safety gear

Worker killed when hit in chest by stemming materials

Flyrock incident in NSW quarry

Near hit - Failed rod ejected from hydraulic pulling kit

Investigation report - Runaway loaded ore train

Rise in dozer accidents putting operators at risk

Worker dies after falling into machinery

Fatal incident as bulldozer overturns into pit (update)

Worker struck and killed by suspended auger steel

Safety when working in confined spaces

Uncontrolled upward movement of drill string

Worker seriously injured in fall at surface gold mine

Video - Demo of explosive nature of coal dust

Spontaneous combustion mgmt guideline

Guide for coal dust explosion prevention & suppression

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 1 March 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 8 March 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 15 March 2019


2019 - February

NZ Safety Alert - Tailgate falls off trailer

NZ Safety Alert - Worker falls from track crusher

NZ Safety Alert - Worker falls from truck body

Grader driver dies in underground collision

Truck wheel and axle assembly separates from truck 

Excavator arm contacts overhead powerline

Safety Alert on CAT grader wheel spindle

Confined space - serious near hit

Facial hairstyle guide for filtering facepiece respirators

Worker injured due to substandard guarding

Updated respiratory protective equipment (RPE) guidance

Protecting workers from solar UV radiation

Second degree burns to hand while refueling

Working in confined spaces safety alerts

Mine fatality - Worker struck by loaded shuttle car

Welder injured when pipe jack collapsed

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 1 February 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 8 February 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 15 February 2019

NSW Weekly Incident Summary 22 February 2019


2019 - January

NZ Safety Alert - Uncontrolled movement of vehicle

NZ Safety Alert - Worker crush injury

NZ Safety Alert - Arc flash from switchboard

NZ Safety Alert - Handrail failure leads to workers death

NZ Safety Alert - Temperatures rise in the workplace

Crushing by a crane boom element

Operator killed by moving rail mounted machinery

Quarry operator sentenced after worker badly injured

Shot firing incident damages vehicles

4000 lb spool drops 20 feet

Hot weather and risk of fires in mines

The dangers of heat stroke

Fatality - coal worker crushed

Quarry truck driver death prompts $230k fine

Sinkhole in open pit floor engulfs vehicles

Elevated workbox falls from loader

Fall from elevated work platform

Managing static electricity

Investigation Report - Workers trapped in shaft winder

Fatal incident - Bulldozer overturns into pit

Serious accident involving articulated water cart 

Fuel service truck catches fire at coal mine

Opal miner injured in shaft fall 

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 January 2019

NSW Weekly incident summary 11 January 2019

NSW Weekly Incident summary 18 January 2019

NSW Weekly Incident summary 25 January 2019



2018 - December

NZ Alert - Wire handrail failure leads to workers death 

NZ Alert - Arc flash from switchboard

Serious accident involving articulated water cart

Fuel service truck catches fire at Coal Mine

NZ Alert - Loss of control of loader

NZ Alert - Worker crushed by container swinglift

NZ Alert - Working in high temperatures

NZ Alert - Protecting workers from UV radiation

NZ Alert - Failure of semi-automatic quick hitches

NZ Alert - Fires on mining equipment

NZ Alert -Traumatic brain injury after fall

NZ Alert - Worker seriously hurts back in fall

NZ Alert - Injury during jaw cleaning

NZ Alert - Worker dies after fall from height

NZ Alert - Near-miss incidents above historic workings

Report - Worker killed when crushed in machinery

Crush injury from a scaffold pole

Controlling crush risks from mobile elevating platforms

Report - Truck driver dies at open cast coal mine

Underground worker killed when run over by own truck

Worker survives irrespirable atmosphere

Loss of control after coupling failure on EWP

QSLD Mines and Quarries Safety Performance Report

Fatality - Loaded Cat haul truck runs over pick up truck

Uncontrolled ADT movement during lift out of shaft

Semi-trailer transporting culverts overturns

Eye bolt lifting failure

Truck trailer strikes overhead power lines

Uncontrolled release of winch wire

NSW Weekly incident summary 5 December 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 12 December 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 19 December 2018


2018 - November

NZ Alert - Safety initiatives to implement now

NZ Alert - Worker injured by falling transmission tower

NZ Alert - Insights - Nicole Rosie talks with Quintin Hall

NZ Alert - Product recall: retrofit BVL 3-point seatbelts

NZ Alert- Product recall: Possible defect - rings and O-rings

NZ Alert - Safety initiatives to implement now

NZ Alert- ADT bin rollover

NZ Alert - Roof blown off shed in wind event

NZ Alert - Hiab truck tips during unloading

NZ Alert - Worker loses eye

NZ Alert - Hazardous Substances signage

NZ Alert - Major brain trauma after fall

NZ Alert - New sexual harassment quick guides

NZ Alert - Manual handling injury

NZ Alert - Worker falls and breaks both elbows

NZ Alert - Safe use of synthetic pyrethroids

NZ Alert - Be a safe guy campaign launched

NZ Alert - Workers hands crushed, fingers amputated

NZ Alert - Damaged footpath led to elderly mans death

Underground worker pinned by runaway vehicle

Report into death of worker following serious head injuries

Lightning strikes on rubber-tyred heavy vehicles

Uncontrolled release of winch wire

High winds put workers and public at risk

Isolation of conveyors and other plant

Fatality involving plant at a quarry

Worker fatally injured when tyre falls

Non work-related death at coal mine

Laceration to wrist by grinder

Grader operator suffers serious head injuries

Operator trapped between EWP and overhead structure

Structural failure of corrugated steel water tank

Water tanker rolls down bank

Articulated dump truck bin roll over

Ute rolls onto its side

Worker falls from conveyor gantry

Controlling legionella bacteria in mining operations

Excavator rolls onto side

Failure of lifting point results in fall

Scissor lifts must have spotter says coroner

Linishing wheel makes contact with worker

Worker suffers partial amputation of finger

Managing the risks and hazards of hoppers and chutes 

Welding processes declared a carcinogen

Safe systems of work on drill rigs

Fatality - Worker dies after fall from girder

Detecting gas in confined spaces

Manual fire suppression activation units

Removing, replacing and repairing tyres

NSW Weekly incident summary 7 November 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 November 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 21 November 2018


2018 - October

NZ Alert - Company fined after man crushed

NZ Alert - Six workers fall after scaffolding collapse

 NZ Alert - Rock falls from face

NZ Alert - New noise toolkit released

NZ Alert - WorkSafe's Nicole Rosie talks with Mai Chen

NZ Alert - Excavator falls off transporter

NZ Alert - Worker's leg amputated after being crushed

NZ Alert - Skid plates / king pins operator statement

NZ Safety Alerts - Near misses wanted to help save lives

NZ Alert - Uncontrolled movement of vehicle

NZ Alert - Inadequate machine guarding leads to amputation

Worker's lower leg amputated as forklift strikes bollard

Risks of existence of keyed alike and master keys

 Safety when lifting and suspending loads

Inadequate isolation leads to electric shock

Miners injured when building partially collapsed

Tyre, wheel and rim management - new guidance

Management of RCS in quarries

Investigation report - Serious burns while refueling

Light vehicles in mining operations

Worker crushed under truck while unloading on slope

Near miss when accumulator components ejected

Two workers trapped in shaft winder

Investigation report into death at Lightning Ridge

Management of public safety at closed sites

Product recall - Honeywell hard hats

NSW Weekly incident summary 3 & 10 October 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 17 October 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 24 October 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 31 October 2018


2018 - September

NZ Alert - Worker injured when falling from ladder

NZ Alert - Complacency over chemical use costs worker eye

NZ Alert - Company fined for lax approach to managing risk

 NZ Alert - Workers put at risk from dust

NZ Alert - Air quality in the extractives industry ACOP

NZ product recall - DBI-SALA self retracting lifeline

NZ Alert - Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

NZ Alert - Another worker killed in gravity take-up

NZ Alert - Drugs and Alcohol Fact Sheet released

NZ Alert - Seat belts not worn in recent rollover fatalities

NZ Alert - Q2 2018 Health and Safety Stats released

Operator injured when scraper rolls over bench

100 tonnes of rock falls into open stope brow

Preventing fires on mobile plant

Safety guide - replacing, repairing, removing tyres

Mines rescue at Tahmoor coal mine

Haul truck driver killed was travelling at 79 km/h

US Fatality - Worker killed in gravity take-up

No seat belt - injury when head hit windscreen

Haul truck operator fatally injured

Preventing noise induced hearing loss in mines

Electrician injured by arc in low voltage switchboard

Fatality involving articulated dump truck

Operator thrown and killed in bulldozer rollover 

Miner injured when conveyor belt started moving

NSW Safety Management Kit for small mines released

Quarterly Report - Preventing fires on mobile plant

Illegal mining discovered in NSW

NSW Weekly incident summary 5 September 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 12 September 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 19 September 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 26 September 2018


2018 - August

NZ Alert - Worker injures hand when material falls on it

NZ Alert - Operator distractions

NZ Alert - Air hose connection blows off

NZ Alert - Nicole Rosie at Safeguard Conference

NZ Alert - Unauthorised entry to quarries

NZ Alert - Recall: 6000kg vehicle support stands

NZ Alert - Preventing and responding to bullying at work

NZ Alert - Excavator topples onto its side

NZ Alert - Worker's leg crushed in machinery

Fatality involving articulated dump truck

Operator struck on head by high pressure air line

Pneumoconiosis and complicated mass fibrosis

Issue with personal exposure sampling devices 

Miner knocked unconscious by chain

Miner struck by rockfall at mine face

Miner seriously injured falling from man basket

Intrinsically safe electrical equip for use with diesel powered plant

Investigation report - fatality on surface of underground mine

Miner hit in head and seriously hurt

South African copper mine conveyor fire

Serious leg injuries in nose-to-tail collision

Preventing fires on mobile plant - discussion paper

Dust safety in the metals and extractives industry

Manned loader falls into open stope

Serious injuries with persons and plant falling over edges

Miner seriously injured by falling floor grating

Worker crushed by slewing crane

Safety device failures detected during checks

Wire snaps under routine stressing

Worker killed by pressurised gas hose

Solvent vapour explosion near miss for worker

Inadequate guarding causes amputation and entanglement

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 and 8 August 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 August 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 August 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 29 August 2018


2018 - July

NZ Alert - Worker sustains eye injury

NZ Alert - Worker crushed and trapped by switchboard

NZ Alert - Fire in bin from steel cutting

NZ Alert - Video message from Nicole Rosie, WorkSafe

NZ Alert - Electric shock when dispensing fuel from tank

NZ Alert - New rules for storing toxic and corrosive substances

NZ Alert - New rules for keeping records of hazardous substances

NZ Alert - Driveshaft parking brake failures 

NZ Alert - Worker exposed to fall from height

Workers seriously hurt by falling coal

Serious injury caused by flying object

 Increase in vehicle rollovers

Grader falls off low loader

Drill rig suspended 50m above ground

Managing the risks of working near windrows

Near miss between light vehicle and haul truck

Mechanic falls from portable crusher

Miner injured chasing runaway truck

Rib failures in underground coal mines

Operator seriously injured in dozer fall

Serious burns sustained touching electrical feed line

Underground mine fire initiates mines rescue response

Rockfall damages dozer

Microsleep ends in accident

Signage used to help change behaviour

Quarry vehicle safety leaflet

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 July 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 11 July 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 18 July 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 25 July 2018


2018 - June

NZ Alert - MinEx releases Worker Wellbeing fact sheet

NZ Alert - Articulated truck rollovers

NZ Alert - Reporting incidents for failure of pressure safety valves

NZ Alert - Workers exposed to carbon monoxide

NZ Alert - Worker injured clearing blockage in crusher

NZ Alert - Workers arm drawn into machinery

NZ Alert - Operator struck by compressed air hose

NZ Alert - Remote control unit failures a risk

NZ Alert - Kids and machinery a lethal combination

NZ Alert - Worker crushed to death by falling pallets

Managing the risks of stress - video guidelines

Operator rescued from submerged dozer 

Hazards of elastic springback in plates

Asbestos containing material disturbed in power transformer 

Importance of munitions reporting

Gasket rupture results in gas leak

Dangers of deactivating warning devices

NSW quarterly safety report Jan - March 2018

Miner burned while lighting gas fired kiln

Serious head injuries caused by hitting head underground

Tipper vehicle contacts with overhead powerlines

Near hit - worker accessed feed hopper without isolation

Front end loader in danger of tipping

Miner injured when excavator rolls

Warning - Brake failure on ADT

Front wheels lifted during boom emergency lowering

People warned of risks of falling in mine shafts

Winter safety alert - keep safe on the surface

Winter safety alert - keep safe underground

Integrated tool carrier tips over underground

Drill rig worker sustains facial injuries

QSLD Incident summary report - Feb 2018

Updated guideline for management of RCS

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 June 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 13 June 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 20 June 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 27 June 2018


2018 - May

NZ Alert - Tipper ram breaks

NZ Alert - Subcontractor buried under gravel

NZ Alert - Worker injured by temporary wall

NZ Alert - Working with high pressure hydraulic hoses

NZ Alert - Fatigue contributes to driver's death

NZ Alert - Asbestos removal puts people at risk

NZ Alert - Death from efforts to eliminate or mitigate risk

NZ Alert - Hand caught in conveyor belt

NZ Alert - Too many ADT rollovers

NZ Alert - WorkSafe advice on silica dust

NZ Alert - Finger caught in alternator pulley

Australian fatality - face shovel operator crushed 

Miner contacts with 4160 volts

Truck significantly damaged by lightning

 Quarterly report - fires on mobile equipment

QSLD Incident summary report - Jan 2018

Ignition of methane at continuous miner working face

Truck contacts with overhead power lines

Increase in shattered windscreens on mobile plant

Product recall: CMI 425A Restrained Receptacle Range

Managing fatigue - quick guide

Loader falls on tire contractor while doing repairs

Electric shock leads to fatality - and prosecution

Surface slope failure over multiple benches

Protection devices on longwall equipment missing/damaged

Worker exposure to diesel emissions in underground coal mines

Self-rescuer inspections and maintenance

Overwatering of roads leads to vehicle incidents

Serious laceration caused by truck rollover

Occupational lung disease health monitoring

Vehicle collision causes serious injury

NSW Weekly incident summary 2 May 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 9 May 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 16 May 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 23 May 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 30 May 2018


2018 - April

NZ Alert - Rock drill hits leg

NZ Alert - Faulty tow bars serious safety risk

NZ Alert - Horrific injuries after brake failure

NZ Alert - Dangers of noise in the NZ workplace

NZ Alert - Fall of ground traps worker

NZ Alert - Fire in drive shaft of dump truck

NZ Alert - Worker loses fingers in machine

Communication failures result in collisions

Serious head injury caused by fall

Drill worker sustains facial injuries

Excavator operator trapped after bank fell

Serious injury at open cut coal mine

Loader operator saved by seat belt

Articulated truck rollovers common

Pre-detonation of blast hole injures miners

Splicing conveyor belts cause fatalities

Articulated truck rollovers - alert update

Unauthorised workers with gas monitor bypass keys

Environmental conditions influence methane monitors

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 April 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 11 April 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 18 April 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 25 April 2018


2018 - March

NZ Alert - Excavator brings down powerlines

NZ Alert - MinEx releases Whole Body Vibration fact sheet

NZ Alert - Man slips into bath of molten zinc

NZ Alert - Tyre explosion from over-inflation

NZ Alert - Trainee fractures finger between drill rods

NZ Alert -  Driver hurt in Northland quarry crash 

NZ Alert - Hand and arm crushed and burned

Fatality while inflating tyre on loading shovel

Finger amputated after feeder mishap

Worker hurt from fall down ladder

Dingy capsizes in dredge pond after entanglement

Surface tailing storage facility management

Tailings dam failure at gold mine

Field technician dies during exploration activities

NZ Alert - Lessons from Grizz, the dog

NZ Alert -  Man loses fingers in unguarded machine

NZ Alert - Exposure to noise a risk for workers

NZ Alert - Skid plate failures on semi-trailers

NZ Alert - Man killed by rockfall

Rock breaks hardhat giving miner serious head injury

Rock smashes through excavator window

Fire in ammonium nitrate store

Field technician dies during exploration activities

Dog walker puts life at risk

Ladder hits worker causing serious fall

Workers withdrawn after methane frictional ignition

NSW Weekly incident summary 7 March 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 March 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 21 March 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 28 March 2018


2018 - February

NZ Alert - Fall hazards dominate statistics

NZ Alert - Man seriously injured by fall

NZ Alert - Failures in towing connections

NZ Alert - Misfires found days after shot

NZ Alert - Man seriously injured by digger bucket

NZ Alert - Truck body rolls while tipping

NZ Alert - Death of a worker caught in machine

NZ Alert - Managing heat in the workplace

Spotter struck in face by winch cable

Two serious high pressure fluid injuries

Lifting chain failure causes fall

Wear on tyre rim found during inspection

Fatality at open cut mine

Loader loses brakes and crashes

Fall from height into water

Miner's feet pinned by rock

Serious injuries when truck overturns

Guidelines for managing surface tailings storage 

NSW Weekly incident summary 7 Feb 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 Feb 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 21 Feb 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 28 Feb 2018


2018 - January

NZ Alert - Failure to follow procedure puts worker at risk

NZ Alert - Use the safety gear you have

NZ Alert - Worker falls from height

NZ Alert - Company fined over failure to learn

NZ Alert - Serious injuries caused by fall

Hoist bucket kills mine worker

Mines and preparing for fires

Managing the risks of working in heat

Guideline for hydraulic safety

Guideline for collision prevention

Guideline for fall prevention

Protecting workers from UV radiation

Underground conveyor incident puts workers at risk

How to manage back to work fatigue

NSW Weekly incident summary 10 Jan 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 17 Jan 2018 

NSW Weekly incident summary 31 Jan 2018


2017 - December

NZ Alert - One mine worker's story

NZ Alert - Rock from tyre blow out hits excavator

NZ Alert - Near miss with live electrical wires

NZ Alert - Falls from height easily avoided

NZ Alert - Duty of care in relation to contractors

NZ Alert - Oil recycler sentenced over workplace death

Crane boom collapses into quarry

Arc flash hazard alert

How to be prepared for a tropical cyclone

Explosives impacted by forklift

Dealing with heat stress in underground mines

Pressurised dispensers rupture due to heat exposure

Process tank roof bursts due to uncontrolled reaction 

Catastrophic engine failure in undergound coal mine

NSW Government publishes incident data spreadsheet

Worker falls and suffers serious head injuries

Report looks at structural integrity issues

Five US fatalities in longwall recovery incidents

Insufficient ventilation identified undergound

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 Dec 2017  

NSW Weekly incident summary 13 Dec 2017 

NSW Weekly incident summary 20 Dec 2017 


2017 - November

NZ Alert - Man falls from makeshift step

NZ Alert - Worker loses eye

NZ Alert - Just trying to help

NZ Alert - Worker burned by electric shock

NZ Alert - Safe maintenance of machinery

NZ Alert - Company sentenced for fall from height

Telehandler rollover during a lift

Seismic emergency response and preparedness

Miner suffers burns to body

Report into serious injury of operator

Miner overcome by vapors from hazardous waste

New focus for managing hazardous substances

Mine worker struck by coal from longwall face

Front end loader collision with vehicle

Changes to hazardous substances regs - Interpretive guidelines

Changes to hazardous substances regs - Quick guide 

Excavator struck by debris from highwall failure 

Loose lunchbox causes ADT to drive through bund

Injury caused due to lack of maintenance

Case study: Human factors in mining

Fire and explosion risks in underground mines fact sheet

Consolidated report on exposure to dust

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 Nov 2017  

NSW Weekly incident summary 8 Nov 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 Nov 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 Nov 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 29 Nov 2017


2017 - October

NZ Fatality - truck driver killed when tipper body fell on cab 

Wanted - NZ near-misses to help save lives

NZ Alert - Man injured when falling inside crusher

Final investigation report into underground fatality

Front end loader hit by locomotive

Fall while changing oil filter

Miner receives electrical shock

Do safety helmets have an effective working life?

In-service fires on mobile plant

Hand injured during planing operation

Serious injuries after falling from unidentified risk

Working safely with hazardous substances

What is a notifiable incident?

Managing health risks in the extractives sector

Worker exposure to diesel exhaust emissions

Fall of ground risks in underground mines

Fire and explosion risks fact sheet

Airborne contaminants – metalliferous mines

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 Oct 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 11 Oct 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 18 Oct 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 25 Oct 2017


2017 - September

Coal mine worker fatally injured 

Methane hazards at open-cut excavations

Lack of sleep could affect your safety at work

Inrush from raisebore hole

Worker's thumb severed during winching operation 

Catwalk failure on mobile screener

Foot caught in crusher

Shock received from portable welder

Dam overflows and floods mine

Assessing personal dust exposures

Unintended movement of conveyor 

Response times of gas detectors

TIP Report - Gas outburst risks in longwall mining

Report: Catastrophic engine failure 

Failure to use brake - vehicle rolls out of control

Reuse of removable exhaust filters on ExDES

Working safely in confined spaces

Identifying, assessing and managing risks

Catastrophic engine failure in underground coal mine

Operator doused in cleaning fluid has allergic reaction

Updated guide on managing fatigue in the workplace

Serious burns to worker's hands

Worker suffers serious burns while refuelling

Two New Zealand fatalities in forestry industry

Qsld guidelines for respirable crystalline silica

Underground conveyor equipment incident

$100 000 fine under Health and Safety at  Work Act

Worker's hand crushed in roller

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 Sept 2017 

NSW Weekly incident summary 13 Sept 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 20 Sept 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 27 Sept 2017


2017 - August

Worker suffers serious burn when fuel ignites

Take immediate action to manage known risks

Catastrophic engine failure in underground coal mine

Slurry pump explosion 

Two injuries in two days and no notification – companies fined

Targeted assessment report - fatigue management practices

Targeted assessment consolidated report - emergency management

Non-compliant and unsafe TPS Cable supplied in New Zealand 

Worker burnt after risks not managed

Two rescued from crane roll over

Slurry pump explosion

Dangerous incident during blasting 

Truck driven from Go-line with turbo timer activated

Circumferential failure of lockrings

Cylinder design approvals withdrawn

Eddy-current testing of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders

Working near water is a high-risk activity

Smoldering fire cloth

Truck driver saved by seatbelt

NSW Weekly incident summary 2 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 9 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 16 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 23 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 30 Aug 2017


2017 - July

Fall from height leaves man a tetraplegic

Arm trapped in conveyor belt

Uncontrolled release of energy during removal of pin

Uninterruptable power supply installations

Lack of pillar support in underground mine

Longwall faces: safe access and emergency exits

Worker injured due to ineffective isolaton

Clarifications notice for pressure equipment

Welding fumes a carcinogen

Injured worker not discovered or treated for long period

Effective risk management of fatigue

Workers struck and injured by pump cover

Updated fact sheet Using RPE effectively (PCBUs)

Updated fact sheet Using RPE effectively (Workers)

Updated fact sheet Managing silica dust 

NSW Weekly incident summary 5 July 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 12 July 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 19 July 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 26 July 2017

2017 - June

Fines under H&S Act for close call

Mobile equipment collisions 

Check for non-compliant gas monitors

Fitter receives burns to hand

Fatality on surface of underground mine

Lack of systems key to workers death

Loader reversed over light vehicle

Risks of flameproof alternators

Violent explosion caused by pre-heating

Report on fatality from hydraulic injection injury

Report on fatality at Perilya Southern Operations

Excavator cabin detaches and falls

Footwear prevents serious injuries

Inquiry into black lung finds catastophic failure

Close call as stack collapses

NSW Weekly incident summary 7 June 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 June 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 21 June 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 28 June 2017 


2017 - May


NZ Fatality Report Hydralylic power pack ram failure

Fitter struck in chest

Miner buried chest deep in feed hopper

Company fined for incident that left man a tetraplegic

Scrubber tower fails

Falling drill rods injure hand

Synthetic fibre sling fails

Uninterruptible power supply installations

Avoiding train derailment

Fatal accident in underground mine

Risks of diesel exhaust emissions

Underground coal mine dust hazards

Avoiding ground and strata failure

Preparing an emergency plan

Managing fatigue in the workplace

Controlling airborne contaminants

Managing diesel exhaust emissions

Check in check out system

Mobile equipment operator injured when seat belt failed

Drill hole compressed air injection

Truckmixer driver slip

NSW Weekly incident summary 31 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 24 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 17 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 10 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 26 April 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 19 April 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 12 April 2017


2017 - April

WorkSafe alert! NZ highwall failure fatality

Electrical protection batteries discharging

Truckmixer driver slip

Control risks as soon as they are identified

Pneumatic air tool fitting fails

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 April 2017

Electrical protection system fails

Serious drill rig accident

Haul truck collision with pick-up

Close call with overhead wire

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 March 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 29 March 2017

2017 - March

Preventing falls of persons

Close-call rockfall at mine

Miner avoids fall

Falling rocks breach catch bund

Exposure to dust results in serious illness

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 March 2017

Investigation report into Ridgeway Mine fatality

NZ severe injury fined by WorkSafe

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 March 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 8 March 2017

Black lung strikes 13th worker

Serious injury operating a block-making machine

Managing fatigue in the workplace

Guide to help you review your safety incentive scheme

How to prepare an emergency plan

2017 - February

Reported case of coal worker pneumoconiosis 

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 February 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 February 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 8 February 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 February 2017

Light vehicle collides with mine entry gate

Gas outburst on longwall face

Mines and preparing for fires

Shaft filling incident

Driver thrown from cab in truck rollover

Unexpected use of detonator and detonating cord

Toxic gases fed into sealed areas of mine


2017 - January

Truck roll over safety bulletin

NSW Weekly incident summary week ending 11 January 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary week ending 18 January 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary week ending 25 January 2017

Starting the work year safely - WorkSafe NZ

Fatality after being struck by truck tailgate

Coal burst on longwall face

Fatality during unloading


2016 - December 

Safety guidance for working around tyres and rims

Ministry of Social Development prosecution

Improving safety for participants on community work

Danger - exposure of copper/copper alloys top ammonium nitrate

Non-compliant stone dust supplied to underground mine

Incident involving the transport of large dump trucks

Electrical arc fast hazards in mining

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 7 Dec 2016

Fires on surface coal mines

Abrasive blasting incident

Opal mining fatality

Changes to vehicle dimensions and mass rule

Workers exposed to elevated levels of methane

Operator breaks arm while operating high pressure hose

Good practice guidelines - Scaffolding in NZ

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 30 Nov 2016


2016 - November

Fixed plant & mobile equipment fires on surface coal mines

Importance of gas detection equipment maintenance

Airborne contaminants Fact Sheet

Sudden failure of feed hopper

New online health & safety tool to help SMEs manage risks

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 16 Nov 2016

Fatality in underground mine

Preparing for severe weather events

Prevent structural failure alert

Using safety chains on heavy vehicles

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 9 Nov 2016

Lessons to be learned from workplace fatality

Transport Agency urging checks of truck drawbeams

LHD operator narrowly escapes injury

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 19 Oct 2016

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 26 Oct 2016

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 2 Nov 2016


2016 - October

Coal burst knocks workers to the ground

Drill fitter killed when crushed between drill head and rod centraliser arm

Drill offsider run over by tracked vehicle

Ensuring safety of ageing electrical switchgear

Fatality involving chain feeding at a wash plant

Final report of a fatal fall of a person May 2014

Firefighting component issues identified

Four electrical incidents in underground coal mines

Hazards of working under a stope bridge

Rock falls on loader operator

Seat belt saves quarry worker

Underground roof fall injures miner

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (14 Sept)

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (21 Sept)

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (5 Oct)

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (12 Oct)

Worker Seriously hurt when caught in moving conveyor


2016 - September

By-passing machinery interlock

Drill entanglement accident

Drill rig rollover

Fall from height during helicopter lifting operations

Issues with the use of semi-conductive insulation

Miner struck by rockfall at a development face

Rollover of forklift truck

Fatal accident - Failed gantry bridge

Worker injured by low voltage switchboard arc flash

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (28 Sept)


2016 - July

Worker injured when shoulder contacts with powerline

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (6 July)

Two miners inured when fuel tank exlodes

Fatal incident when coupling a tractor unit to a trailer

Working under a strope bridge

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (29 June)


2016 - June

Excavator slips into lake while excavating sand

WorkSafeNZ 'Litany of Failures' leads to quarry worker death - company and director fined

Mobile mixing unit explosives truck rollover

Uncontrolled engine shutdown on a dump truck

Miner seriously injured after fall from conveyor

Cell phones and mobile equipment don't mix

Tyre fitter's fingers crushed while operating hydraulic bead breaker

Potential exposure to hazardous chemicals

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (15 June)

Haul truck crushed when roof of limestone mine falls 

Underground worker crushed between IT work basket and roof

Tunnel workers exposed to excessive ultrafine particles

Serious leg injuries from unrestrained drill rig break-out wrench

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (8 Jun)

Tyre fitter trapped under foam filled tyre

Serious accident when loader bucket hits miner

Close call when dozer ruptures natural gas transmission line

Working near slopes in quarries

Dangers exist in active and abandoned mine sites

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (1 June)


2016 - May

WorkSafeNZ - Quarry operator ordered to pay over $150k after employee crushed to death

WorkSafeNZ - WorkSafe lays charges following Salters Cartage workplace death investigation

Reportable Incidents, weekly summary NSW (25 May)

Employee's fingers crushed by an un-guarded trap point on a travelling stacker-lifter

Cold leaching reagent incorrectly labelled and transported by supplier

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (18 May)

Defects found in self-rescuers

Close call when a 7050 tonne bin breaks

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (27 April)

Miner seriously injured when sweatshirt is caught in a drill

Failure of clamp on forklift

Seven dozer accidents in 2015

Safety for equipment mounted at height


2016 - April

NSW - Weekly incident summary 20 April 2016

Standing trailer collapses

Haul truck collides with grader on active dump

Near miss as roof collapses while miners were cleaning the roof vent

Worker seriously injured in fall from dump truck

WorkSafeNZ Company fined after nine tonne truck hoist crushes mechanic

Miner punctures lung in fall from floatation platform

Collision between front end loader and light vehicle

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 April 2016

Contract coal mine worker suffers cardiac arrest

Miner loses arm in head pulley of conveyor belt

NSW - Weekly incident summary 6 April 2016

NSW - Weekly incident summary 30 March 2016

Worker trapped after dozer slides down waste pile

WorkSafe finds basic failures at Taylor's Limeworks accident

WorkSafe no charges over Waikari Quarry death

2016 - February

Health & Safety across the quarrying and quarry products industry

High pressure water jet failure results in injury

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No

WA SRS - Publications-Mining and Explorations - Significant Incident Reports

NSW - Weekly incident summary 19 February 2016

NSW - Weekly incident summary 24 February 2016

NSW - Weekly incident summary 3 February 2016 

2016 - January

Crane head sheave falls from height during a lift

Health & Safety across the quarrying and quarry products industry

Three fatalities in the first 19 days of 2016 in the USA Coal Mines

NSW - Weekly incident summary for 20 January