If you are eligible, your NZ Certificate in Mining or Quarrying may be fees free

From 1 January 2018, tertiary education will be fees free for eligible first time tertiary students.

Broadly, if you’re a New Zealander who finished school in 2017, or if you will finish school during 2018, you qualify for a year of fees-free provider-based tertiary education or two years of industry training in 2018.

If you’re not a recent school leaver, and you’ve done less than half a year of education or training (including tertiary study in any other country), you also qualify.

See the full eligibility criteria here and all the information here.

Please note: Fees free cannot be used for Certificate of Competence courses. It can however be used for all New Zealand Certificates and Diplomas in Mining and Quarrying.


If you would like support, tips or a helping hand to get your CoC, you might like a mentor.

MinEx has mentors all over New Zealand who hold current CoC qualifications, just itching to help people like you succeed.

If you would like to be mentored, or to mentor others please contact Wayne on 021 944 336, wayne@minex.org.nz


Other tips for improving your chance of passing incude:

  • Catch the latest edition of Train Brain, where you will find a range of courses to help you thorough CoC
  • The oral exam is about how well you can apply what you know in an operation – it’s about what you would do or how you would handle a situation. Check out these tips on oral exams
  • Talk to others who have passed their CoC. Find out what to expect in the oral exam.


It's a no brainer that training is the way to make sure you and your workmates or staff go home safe every day. That's why MinEx regularly publishes the Train Brain - our email newsletter to keep you up informed of all the latest training opportunities around the country.

With the new safety legislation now in place, training has got more demanding. Until recently, renewing your CoC was a once every 5 year cakewalk. Now, new competencies are demanded and you must keep up to date with your Continuing Professional Development.

You can subscribe to the Train Brain, or check out the current courses on offer in the latest issue.