Carcinogens and Airborne Risks Roadshow

September 20 – November 15, 2022

Learn about identifying and controlling carcinogens and airborne risks at a roadshow near you.

At WorkSafe New Zealand, we support businesses to improve work-related health. One of our current initiatives is to prevent harm from carcinogens (something that can cause or promote the uncontrolled growth of cells or cancer) and airborne risks (something in the air that might be inhaled or might interact with the skin).

Carcinogens and airborne exposures account for at least 31% of workrelated harm. Controlling and preventing exposure will make a lasting impact on your health, safety, and wellbeing, and your workers’.

To help you identify, control, and manage exposure and help to keep you and your workers safe, we're taking a roadshow across New Zealand.

Focusing on asbestos, silica, welding fume, and wood dust, the roadshow will be hands on and interactive and an opportunity to engage with the WorkSafe team and subject matter experts.

If your business involves work where there could be exposure to carcinogens and airborne risks such as welding, silica, asbestos and dust these events are a must attend.

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South Auckland Tuesday 20 September

North Auckland Thursday 22 September

Hamilton Tuesday 27 September

Tauranga Thursday 29 September

Gisborne Tuesday 4 October

Palmerston North Thursday 6 October

New Plymouth Tuesday 11 October

Wellington Thursday 13 October

Blenheim Tuesday 8 November

Christchurch Thursday 10 November

Dunedin Tuesday 15 November