Straterra, AQA and MinEx have their annual Komatsu Women in Extractives lunch to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the extractives industries. The lunch will be held in Hamilton, Wednesday 20th March.

Three industry awards

Three awards will be presented at the lunch – these awards are to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the extractives industries and are supported by Straterra, AQA and MinEx.

Straterra, AQA and MinEx are accepting nominations for the following three 

Emerging Star Award
To recognise a person who over the past year, and during their career, has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, unwavering commitment to outstanding personal performance, and innovative thinking to provide value for their company, as well as for themselves. In demonstrating leadership, they will show consideration for all their colleagues.

The Kristy Christensen Memorial Award (sponsored by MinEx and named in honour of its late former Board member)
This award is open for nominations in 2024 and is to recognise someone who has been a champion for diversity. A champion is someone who believes in, supports, and fights for a cause. They will be a leader within your company that supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace and who will find ways to make it happen in a way that benefits all involved.

Leader of the Year 
To recognise a leader who has demonstrated vision, dedication, and determination for their team to succeed. This person will be a leader who develops their team members through purpose and passion, sharing of experience, and a commitment to teamwork. They will have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their everyday work.


Nominations have now closed.


Award judging will be undertaken by a panel from Straterra, AQA and MinEx. The judges’ decisions will be final.


You can purchase tickets here with discounts available for members. The venue in Hamilton will be advised to ticket holders.