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The Health and Safety @ Work Act 2015

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is in force, and MinEx will help you understand what you need to do to meet your duties under this Act.

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Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations Regulations 2022 - Changes to the 2016 regulations highlighted in red

Disposing Batteries the Right Way

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

These regulations detail the requirements that must be followed including competency requirements in relation to safety-critical roles in mining operations, quarrying operations, and alluvial mining operations.

General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations

These regulations apply to all workplaces in New Zealand. They prescribe what must be done in specific circumstances to met the duties under the new law. 

Hazardous Substances Regulations

These regulations help manage the risks associated with manufacturing, using, handling or storing hazardous substances in the workplace and to protect the health and safety of workers.

Worker Engagement, Participation and Representation Regulations 

All workplaces need to have effective worker engagement, participation and representations practices under HSWA.

Strong worker engagement, participation and representation leads to healthier workers and safer work. They are also good for business performance and productivity—because they help inform better decisions. Workers who help shape safer work systems can suggest practical, cost-effective solutions which they are more likely to make happen in practice. Such engagement will prevent injury and illness in the workplace, and will help businesses meet their duties of worker participation under HSWA. 

Asbestos Regulations

These regulations aim to help tackle the serious health risks posed by poorly managed asbestos.  The asbestos regulations outline requirements for the safe management and work with asbestos and asbestos-containing materials, including demolition and removal.

Adventure Activities Regulations 

These regulations aim to improve safety, reduce harm and ensure consistent good practice across the adventure activity sector.  From 4 April 2016 these regulations revoke and replace the Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011.

Major Hazard Facilities Regulations

These place safety management obligations on operators or particular facilities.  Facilities subject to these regulations are those with the potential to cause a catastrophic event, and focus on matters for process safety.

Petroleum Exploration and Extraction Regulations

These provide a framework that aim to ensure the safety of petroleum operations such as the extraction, transportation, treatment or processing of petroleum or gas; any well drilling installation; the construction, maintenance, and operation of any structures, or land improvements connected with petroleum operations.

Rates of Levy Funding Regulations

Regulations prescribing the levy required to be paid by employers and self-employed people under section 201 or the HSWA.